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Mar 04, 2009
isaacs mummy
Mother of 4 children. 3 girls, youngest baby boy 30/08/08. Dx silent reflux at 3 months. On Gaviscon and just trying zantac and domperidone. Thought Isaac was finished with reflux at 5 months, had a couple of weeks free it then came back with a vengeance...........
giving gaviscon and zantac at the same time ?
Wondered if anyone could help, Im confused AGAIN...... Started Isaac back on zantac today and again he is getting tummy cramps or some discomfort. Thought I would have a look at side effects on the web and came across a site called crying over spilt milk. On this site it quotes that you should not give zantac within 2 hours of giving gaviscon. My babys prescribed to have 2 x sachets of gaviscon mixed with 8 fl oz of milk, zantac 0.45ml and 2.5ml of domperidone before milk. Does this sound right ????? He is not on the domperidone as I stopped it thinking it was giving him tummy cramps then he has had diarrhea, but I was gonna start him on it in a few days timedays time, not before his feed though because I have since learnt that it cancels out other meds. Confused again please help...........................
Mar 04, 2009
Shawna: First time Mom to Mallory (10/07/08). Silent reflux diagnosed at 2 months. Alimentum formula fed. Trial of Losec (minimal effect). Now Prevacid 1x/day plus Zantac 2x/day.
I would definitely contact your pharmacist and ask about the spacing of the meds. We aren't using gaviscon so I can't comment with certainty but with the type of medication that gaviscon is, it is likely that it would cause decreased absorption of the zantac. Also check with your pharmacist on the dosage of the zantac (ask for minimum and maximum mg/kg/day). That sounds like a low dose to me (we are giving 1.5ml twice per day (works out to 45mg/day for a 17lb baby which is on the lower end of the dosing). As per my other post we've learned the hard way that zantac is soooo weight sensitive. To answer your question to me in the other post I didn't think the zantac was working at all but then all of a sudden (maybe about 2 weeks later) we had a happy baby for about 2 days (until the dose was too low). Now that our dose is increased, we once again have a pretty happy baby. It's only been a couple of days but I'm crossing my fingers. Of course, we still have a lot of issues but things are improving. Hang in there.
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