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Mar 03, 2009
What to expect at the GI?
Ok-so we go to Cincinnati on Friday. I sent all my son's records (a lot) today. What to expect? His feeding is already to the point to where he is dropping on the growth chart. His nutritionist had to take out the extra calories in his formula bc his tummy is too sensitive. He doesn't take in nearly enough calories to grow. He's already on Reglan and Prevacid (15mg) at only 3 months old and has had a UGI that showed reflux and swallow study. We are going to him desperate. He refuses to eat more that one ounce at a time and never seems hungry (could care less about eating) and this has been going on since he was about 4 weeks old. Do you think he will order some tests, if so what kind? How often do you go back to the GI? Will I be dealing with the GI from now on about feeding issues? How often will I go back? I hope he gives us some answers. We are not going to him just to have his meds changed again (although that would be fine). I want some anwers as to why my baby has no desire to eat. Thanks! Just curious as what to expect.
Mar 04, 2009
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He will most likely take to full history and should order some testing, but may try some subtle changes first like med tweaks or formula changes to see if it will help before resorting to more testing.. As far as testing goes,I would say an endoscopy with biopsies should be done, also a gastric emptying scan, and possible a ph or impedence probe.Allergy Evaluation...Possibly some metabolic testing as they dont shock you sometimes they also do an MRI/CT of the brain since he has no appetite(as precaution only because some neurologic impairments can cause lack of appetite). Sounds like he also may need evaluating for feeding therapy for aversion and GI will usually set it up. Dont feel bad,15 mg prevacid and reglan at 3 months certainly isnt unheard of or too high in terms of meds and dosages a baby with reflux may take.(at only 6/7 months my son took 60 mg a day!) An endoscopy will show if there is damage or not,if there is no damage the prevacid dosage is most likely fine.If there is damage, the dosage will need to be upped or switched to a different PPI.PH pprobe will also tell you if meds are working.If his weight continues to drop off the charts for several months after testing has been done and any treatment needed is begun, and the baby is dx Failure To Thrive and having complications like hospitalizations,supplemental tubefeeding may be discussed.

GI's handle a lot of feeding issues and reccomendations,but feeding therapists, and your ped, sometimes allergists may be involved as well. Brent is tubefed only, and only GI deals with his feeding. We deal with our GI several times a month,but that isnt the norm usually they see you every few months or longer, depending on the severity of the condition of the child and changes that are made

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