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Feb 26, 2009
my daughter's medication
My daughter, who is fifteen, had an endoscopy two weeks ago after a year of stomach pain. We see the specialist for a follow-up in two weeks, but I talked to our family doctor and she said the results showed redness and inflammation in her stomach and esophagus. My daughter is finding that Gaviscon is not helping her. She also takes domperidone and Prevacid. She is in pain and is missing school as a result. Can anyone suggest something other than Gaviscon?
Mar 13, 2009
Gail - mom to a six year old with reflux and an infant with reflux
I really don't know of anything other than gaviscon or mylanta. Some people find carafate to helpful. Carafate is a prescription drug that coats the inside of the stomach. It has to be taken on a schedule so that it won't interfere with absorption of food and meds. My son took it for awhile and it was helpful. We discontinued it because it aggravated his chronic constipation.
Feb 03, 2011
My son has only just been diagnosed with reflux condition but was not told called GERD, he has had problems since he was born with his feeds and eating and so on, it got so much worse age 4 years, stomach pains feeling sick all the time windy constantly, crying as could not sleep due to lying down making him feel worse and also getting a sore troat. What I want to say is when dr's diagnosed him they only offered antacids such as omeprazole, ranitide which I found only relieved it by 2% which was awful and I hate the fact a child so young was on this medication. I have researched a natural product for months now called organic apple cider vinegar with mother, the results after giving to my son for 2 months is unbelieveable, he's feeling so much better able to sleep, happy to go to school no crying or saying feels sick, able to eat his tea and not say my tummy hurts or he feels sick. Please do your own research on this product but just wanted to tell other mum's in the hope it helps some of your children also as the condition seems so hard to treat from varied diets , such as avoiding hard to digest food Pork, Chicken and so on, hope this helps.
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