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Feb 19, 2009
Baby Wakes every two hours
Hi. This is my first time on the forums so maybe someone who is more experienced can help me. Isaac is 4 months old and has been on axid for a month and a half. It has helped tremendously with the spit up, but he is still waking every two hours and not going back to sleep without eating. I don't think this is good for him or for me. The nights that he has actually gone 4 hours without eating, he has awaken much happier. I think when I feed him that it upsets his stomach more. He is a tummy sleeper and we elevate his bed. Any other suggestions?
Feb 19, 2009
Tracey, mom to Katie diagnosed with GERD at 3 week.
His axid might be too strong for him. Katie can't have a high dose of prevacid otherwise she wakes every hour to eat too.
Feb 20, 2009
Andrea: Mom to 3 crazy girls!
Jackie (3/01)
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Abby (4/06) Prevacid 7.5mg (evening), MSPI, goats milk (currently trying to wean off Prevacid)
I would also look into trying a PPI med like Prevacid. The waking up so much at night and needing to eat makes me think that his reflux isn't under control. Def talk to his dr.
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