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Feb 13, 2009
Baby starting on Prevacid - can I still give Zantac?
I caved yesterday and finally let our ped. put Samantha on Prevacid. She's just on 7.5 mg once a day right now. Of course, she's already hiccupping this morning because it takes a while for Prevacid to start working. Is it OK/safe to still give her her regular Zantac dose for a week or 2 until the Prevacid takes over? Her ped. told me to just do the Prevacid and stop the Zantac but it's going to be a tough 2 weeks or so for the baby if I do that. She is 5 months-old and weighs around 19 lbs (great gainer, nurses for comfort).
Feb 13, 2009
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Yes, you can continue to give it for a week or two. That is what we were always told to do,while we waited for the PPI to kick in.
Feb 13, 2009
Thank you!
Feb 13, 2009
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Just make sure that you don't give the Zantac with the Prevacid. Check with the pharmacist but I think that they need to be atleast 2hrs apart. Also, 7.5mg is a very low dose so you might need to add another 7.5mg in the evening to see improvement. Also, make sure that you give the Prevacid on an empty stomach and wait 30mins to feed.
Feb 14, 2009
We gave her the Prevacid this morning and she was screaming this evening so we gave her the Zantac. She started projectile vomiting as soon as we gave her the Zantac. I am so mad right now because I did NOT want her on Prevacid because my older DD had the projectile vomiting issue with this drug when she was the same age. I wanted to wait until a year to start her on Prevacid. Our ped. wouldn't raise her Zantac dose any higher, though, so I felt pressured to finally agree to the Prevacid. I absolutely do NOT want her on a higher dose of this drug. I want her put back on an appropriate dose of Zantac until she is older. I am so mad right now because my baby is screaming, can't sleep, won't nurse, and I can't even go back to giving her Zantac w/o making her vomit right now.
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