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Feb 05, 2009
Daughter diagnosed with severe GERD at 2 1/2 months had it since birth, tried reglan, settled on prevacid 2times a day for 4 months...had Upper GI's,ultrasounds,labeled failure to thrive, but finally found a solution with doubling formula calorie intake. We tried formula after formula and Nutramigen was the only solution. With time, and wieght gain and feedings every two hrs she finally got to where she needed to be. She still has occasional reflux moments but no where near as bad as what they were months before.
Update/ and question
So I was on here months ago, when we lived in Savannah, I have to say this site helped ALOT, I had talked to a wonderful girl named Jenn that def helped me believe that there is light at the end of this reflux I wrote a lil update about my daughter now in the about me section/my story.... But heres my question.... my daughter will be nine months in days... we still have a bunch of formula (nutramigen) but when it runs out I would like to switch her to the step two formula. However Im afraid it will aggrivate her reflux... I tried her once in the last month or so on a different formula and we ended up in the hospital b.c she vomitted soooo much. Apparently it aggrivted her lil tummy =( The dr's gave me lil advice on how to switch her from Nutramigen to another step two formula or after that milk... she doesnt have a milk allergy she was tested but the ER dr explaiined it that Nutraigen basically is broken down so her lil tummy doesnt have to do much work, other formulas arent like that.... so whats the next step then? When I first gave her baby foods it was a lil difficult for her as well, I had numerous sweet potato staind shirts (who knew thats stains? and I thought nutramigen spit up was hard to remove ) any advice would be great thanks ladies..... any for any of you ahving bad reflux days with your little ones I have to tell you it will get better.... I didnt belive it either and there were days I sat at home and cried and cried.... but shes like night and day a different kid now. =) Thanks again!
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