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Jan 29, 2009
I am the Mother of 3 children, Alix, Aaron, and Aidan. Alix (5) had "silent" reflux until she was 5 months old; Aaron(age 2) has had GERD since he was just days old but was officially diagnosed with it at 4 months old and has had many tests to confirm it since. Aidan (8 mos) has no signs or symptoms to date thankfully. I never knew what it meant to have a "normal" baby since I had 2 pukers! Nobody understands how hard it is to take care of GERD babies unless they've had one themselves.
Aaron's update
Hi All. I know it's been a while! We were so busy over the last few weeks with the holidays, kids being sick, etc. You know the story. Anyway, since I last was here, we learned that the PhProbe done in October proved that Aaron in fact does have reflux. Remember, the GI told me in September that she didn't believe that he did and is, in my opinion, a quack. Anyway, it took us 6 WEEKS to finally get the results and when I did, the doctor basically didn't seem to be overly concerned. He is still fussing terribly at night and isn't gaining very well. So, my ped intervened and asked for an endoscopy. We had that done on Monday (1/26/09). Everything looked fine but the pathology report isn't back yet. Now, let me back up. In early January, Aaron had contracted a bad cold. Okay, that's not a big deal but it became a big deal when he wouldn't stop screaming for 3 days straight. He wasn't eating much because he was so congested but it was the non-stop screaming that was really concerning. So back we went to the doctor and then to emergency because they couldn't figure out what was wrong (no ear infection, no fever). So finally we take him for x-rays of his chest and stomach and determine that he is severely constipated. This might explain the constant fussing at night. As far as I am concerned, the GI we have seen will no longer touch my child. We are seeing another GI in a neighboring city in 2 weeks thankfully. Aaron, now a year old, is still not 22lbs. He's now in the 25th% for his weight (dropping from 75th).So we are getting into the failure to thrive zone. However, he has been walking for 2 months now and is 30.5" tall (75th% for his height). He's gained only 7oz since October. Still breastfed, eats solids. No formula ever. Still on prevacid, zantac, and now miralax. Sorry for the "book". Just thought I'd share the information. Last month he had gastroenteritis, now he's constipated although he regularly poops 3-4x/day (and it's soft) so go figure!
Jan 29, 2009
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I am sorry for your experience with the GI, and sorry to say that we have had a lot of same experiences locally. I hope the new GI is great. I am sorry that your GI seems indifferent to something that is concerning to you as a mother and would also be concerning to me given the other information provided here.

U r a wonderful Mom and u r doing the right thing by searching for answers.

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