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Jan 15, 2009
Tracey, mom to Katie diagnosed with GERD at 3 week.

Hi there! Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner but I rarely visit here anymore.

We have noticed with Katie that hunger mimicks reflux and if she gets more than a little bit hungry we can't get her to eat. Sometimes this means we have to give her a bottle to take the edge off of her hunger and then she is willing to sit down and eat. Her feeding specialist understands her reflux and will work with us to help her learn to like to eat. Katie also has Sensory Processing Disorder and Hypotonia (low trunk muscle tone) and the three combined mean that she doesn't want to eat since it hurts, can't stand textures and sitting up and chewing require a lot of effort. Because of these things they have told us that it is *ok* if she eats standing up or distracted if it teaches her to eat. We have been told by others to put her in her highchair and if she won't eat she goes into time out until she is willing to eat; we won't do this. I have fought hard to get her to eat at all so punishing her won't do the trick! I also will offer her a different food (within reason) if she is unwilling to eat what I first offer her. Just because I think she will want carrots doesn't mean she will.

We don't have other kids so we don't have the worry of teaching bad habits to the others but dinner is the only meal that she is expected to sit in her highchair so sometimes I think that helps too. She has learned to like dinner and will become upset if she thinks she can't have seconds! We had to relax what we expected of her since her circumstances are different and find what worked for us. She has only been eating within the last few weeks and the first time she wanted to eat I cried so hard!

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