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Jan 01, 2009
Gail - mom to a six year old with reflux and an infant with reflux
Allergy testing
Need advice.....I have a six year old with GERD, constipation, chronic hives (in Feb. will have had hives for 3 years), angioedema, migraines, asthma and possibly arthritis. The meds he takes daily are prevacid, periactin, singulair, pulmocort, clariten and nasonex. He uses an albuterol inhaler and takes miralax as needed. He is severely allergic to ibuprofen. Allergist has suggested that he avoid nuts of any kind. The doctors are unsure about what causes the chronic hives and angioedema. The RAST test came back non-conclusive. The allergist says he can't do skin testing because there are too many hives when he is off of the antihistamines for three days. We have an appt with allergist next week anybody know of any specific tests that I could ask about that might give us some answers? Thanks for any and all suggestions.
Jan 02, 2009
jan gambino burns
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OH Gail, This is complicated. If your son is allergic to multiple foods, he might be allergic to environmental triggers too. Even the medication he is taking can have ingredients that are triggering the allergies. I wonder if you live near a city with a children's hospital. It is important to find a skilled pediatric allergist to help you sort out the allergies and hives. You can email me privately if you want to discuss specific names of doctors/hospitals. Good luck...Jan Gambino The Reflux Mom
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