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Dec 15, 2008
Adriane Reese 05/16/07; seemingly healthy when born; diagnosed with MSPI, severe Reflux, Apnea, Ashtma, Epilepsy, and severe food allergies(rice, corn, milk, soy, eggs, oats, wheat, beef, chicken, squash, pumpkin, avocado, etc.);On apnea monitor, seems to be tolerating RCF w/carbohydrate mixed in; on Zyrtec, Xopenex, Prevacid
Finally a full nights sleep
Adriane started on Friday on Nexium. We have been giving that to her with her food because that is the only way I can get the contents of the capsules in her. Otherwise she gags! So, we give her the zantac about an hour or more before she eats. She had a seizure Friday and she is still having some explosive diarrhea but there isn't much to it. So, we are hoping this week will get better. I am feeling pretty rested but I almost didn't know what to do without her in my bed. It was like I was waiting for her to wake up all night!
Dec 15, 2008
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I am glad u r well rested. I laughed when I read the part about not knowing what to do with out her in the bed and waiting for her to wake up because I can picture this. I know exactly what you mean by it.

I am glad that you always find something to be positive about. Have a great evening.

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