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Dec 04, 2008
luke's mom
Terrified to Try Weaning Again
By 1 month of age, my son Luke was still below birth weight and not thriving. The pediatrician said we'd need to pump breastmilk and bottle feed him since he wasn't "getting the hang" of nursing. He was diagnosed with reflux/GERD 1 month later, when the arching and constant wailing started. We started on Prevacid 15mg/day and he improved. At 6 months, after starting solids, we tried to wean him off his meds. Within 2 days he was refusing to eat/drink and dehydrated to the point where his urine was crystalizing and turning pink. Off to Children's Hospital ER we went. It took almost a week for him to recover. He's now almost 1 year and I'm terrified to try weaning him again. Any words of encouragement you can offer, or tips?
Dec 04, 2008
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Oh I feel your pain!!! If you are not quite ready yet, could you maybe talk to your Dr about decreasing the dose first to see how he reacts? And maybe have a back up plan in place? We often use Maalox or Mylanta if my baby has flare ups....would your Dr give you the go ahead to have something like this on stand by? Hope this helps..Hugs
Dec 04, 2008
amber f
This sounds a lot like us. We had an unsuccessful wean at 9 months but now at 14 months we are almost off of meds. I give his 1/2 solutab every third day. You won't know unless you try and you know what to look for. And he is almost 6 months older and stronger. It is so scary but it is soooo nice not giving meds. I took it slow: I first cut out half of a dose and then did that for a few weeks and then started to give it to him every other day and now every third. It has been 2 months since I first started. I freaked out at first cause he started to spit up a little bit but it didn't smell like acid and he didn't seem bothered. I think that was his body adjusting. It was slow process. (((HUGS))) Good luck. And come here for support, it really helped me having everyone's support:)
Dec 04, 2008
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
JMHO here but I would NOT do a wean if it went that bad at 6 months of age.

It took us a little over 2 years to wean from full time of a PPI to an H2Blocker full time now. It was alot of work and we adjsuted thigns ALOT to keep Jedd comfy.

My DH and I and our GI all agree that with Jedd's past histroy we will not do a full wean off any meds full time until Jedd has the expressive language capacity to TELL us how and what he is feeling while he is not taking his meds.

Again, Just My Humble Opnion.

We just feel that in the grand scheme of things our child will be on the meds for a short amount of time. And that the benefits outweigh the risk, for us.

Dec 05, 2008
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I agree with previous posters. It was best for us to wean SLOWLY. With a case of weaning that went as poorly as your son's last one I would think it would be even more important.

Do they have reasons to think that he would be able to wean at this point or is one just an arbitrary age to try again? My personal opinion is that he should be showing signs of being ready, like no symptoms on meds at all.

Our oldest weaned poorly the first try but the second time she was fine. With my youngest we have still not been able to wean her and her last attempt was rough! I am saying that to tell you that all kids are different so what works with one may not work for another...

I definitely agree with b-girl! It is a good idea to have an "action plan". As in how are you going to wean (like Amber mentioned) and do you have a back up medicine with the correct dosage information handy should you need to use it. I would also want to know from my child's DR how long to attempt the wean before it is a success or failure, what things to look out for as warning signs and how to contact them should you have problems like you did last time.

There are tests that can show you if he is still having problems prior and/or after the med wean. It may be worth looking into if he is unable to be weaned this time.

Jessica~ I don't blame you on the med wean/expressive language issue. It has shocked me how much Ella can tell me at 3.5 that she HAD to have been feeling before yet unable to express. :(
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