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Dec 02, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
Anybody hear from Jessica?
Dec 03, 2008
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
I updated his CB site when we got home. But I can add to that.

He ate and drank like a horse when we got home. From around 5:00ish to 7:30 he drank about 9oz of milk, 3oz of water and ate one 2.5oz jar of baby food meats!!!! He kept asking for more but we didn't want to over do it!!! LOL

He did great. We could not have asked for things to go any better. He was in the OR from about 12:00 (they ran late) until around 3:00 sometime.

It wasn't soo much that they OR was runing late as it was our Urologist had a case before ours and it took her longer than expected. So we had to wait for her to finiish before she could start of Jedd.

Thanks for asking. He has been complaining of some pain today but hopefully the Motrin I gave him at 7:15 will kick in and stop it.

Dec 03, 2008
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The CB sites are great. Thanks for updating us. I am so glad all went well.
Dec 03, 2008
Julie - I have three children. My youngest Katie is my refluxer. My first Ben was very colicy and is ADHD. My middle Jakob is pretty easy going. Katie had it bad as a baby no sleep for two years. She was on Nutramagin, Prevacid and Zantac. Thought we were through it but after age three it came back big time. After her scope she was put on Prevacid 45mg a day and mylanta as needed. Scope was in Sept. Showed damage in stomach and espophogus. It took about 7 months of medication and Reflux diet for her to start feeling better.
So happy to hear that things went well!
Dec 03, 2008
amber f
I'm glad to hear it went well. Hopefully it heals really fast.
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