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Nov 16, 2008
Bryson (3/06), former Neocate, Nexium, and Reglan baby. Diagnosed with peanut allergy and asthma. Weaned from meds in Spring 0f 08. Brother, Parker (6/04), was also on Prevacid and Pregestimil (formula) as an infant.
Popcorn question
I just wonder if anyone has heard of kids being allergic to popcorn. Our allergist thought I was crazy this summer when I asked him about it. Our son has had 3 reactions to popcorn. There has been a few times that he ate some and no reaction occured. Well, we had popcorn at my school's carnival last night and I read the ingredients to check for peanut oil prior to buying the popcorn. we noticed that his neck was beginning to break out and tonight he started breaking out on his butt and back. Within an hour he was covered in hives and itching and crying like crazy. We gave him Benadryl and threw him in the Aveeno Oil bath for a soak. After the bath, I coated him in his steroid cream, Elidel, and Eucerin. I even added hydrocortisone when he continued to scratch. He was miserable. I guess it is a delayed reaction because it had been 24 hours since he ingested the popcorn. (if that was it) I have thought through everything that he has eaten or drank in the last day, and that is all I can think of that was different. He can eat corn, as he eats corn all of the time in baby food. So, it would have to be one of the oils or salt that is used in the cooking process. Very confusing! It is 1:30 am and he is finally asleep. I hope he is able to sleep all night.
Nov 16, 2008
Sharon, Mom to Elyse, 17 mos (15 mos adjusted-preemie). Zantac/Elecare. History of: Respiratory Distress Syndrome with ventilation/CPAP/cannula, tpn, n/g tube, PDA, jaundice, apnea, bradycardia/tachycardia, severe anemia, blood transfusion, reflux, Sandifer's Syndrome, intestinal malrotation, hemangiomas, MSPI, feeding issues. ICU inpatient 53 days! 2 surgeries, 2 UGIs, barium enema, pH probe, endoscopy. Developmentally on target now! PIC: Yobaby Beard
Elyse used to have severe vomiting from eating a french fry. We tracked it down to soybean oil, which is supposedly hypoallergenic, but she reacted to everything with soy!
Nov 16, 2008
maia m - GERD. Nissen Fundoplication w/hiatal hernia repair.
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Son (10) GERD(aspiration pneumonias, apnea, tracheomalacia), Food allergy, Asthma
Daughter (6) GERD, Heart Murmur, Food Allergy, Asthma, Mold allergy
I would also look at what kind of oil they use - and what kind of seasoning if any. My kiddos have food allergies too, and sometimes it is not enough to just ask -- people who don't deal with food allergies don't "get it". What if the last time the machine was used, they used PN oil? What if there was a bunch of PN oil residue? What if they mixed a couple of kinds of oil? Too many "what ifs"... ((hugs)) Mine have so many allergies (and avoid nuts, sesame, etc. on top of them) that I just don't trust *anyone*, so feel free to ignore me! :)
Nov 16, 2008
Bryson (3/06), former Neocate, Nexium, and Reglan baby. Diagnosed with peanut allergy and asthma. Weaned from meds in Spring 0f 08. Brother, Parker (6/04), was also on Prevacid and Pregestimil (formula) as an infant.
Thanks for the help! The last two times that we ate popcorn I have always read the ingredients on the oil. I have heard that most kids with peanut allergies can eat peanut oil without reactions. There was no peanut oil in the ingredient list, but I do understand they may have used it at one time. I don't think he is super sensitive because his brother has been eating peanut butter for several years now and he does not break out by being around it. We do clean his brother up after eating and wash the table well. We are very careful because Bryson has never ingested peanuts so we do not know what the reaction could be if he did. We monitor very closely when Parker is eating peanut butter. I just wish I knew if it was the popcorn last night. We also ate at a buffet and Bryson had some soft serve ice cream. We wanted sprinkles and I now wonder if there was a floating peanut somewhere in the mix. But, I don't think that was it as his neck started breaking out yesterday afternoon before he ate the ice cream. I did pay close attention to the spoonful of sprinkles and did not see anything else. This sucks! It appears that he is better this morning. He slept all night and his neck is not broken out. He is still in bed so I don't know about his arms or torso. Thanks for your input, it is appreciated.
Nov 16, 2008
PAGER Volunteer Services Coordinator
Melina 7/24/02 now reflux free!!
Ella 5/3/05 GERD, asthma, hypotonia, food intolerances, esophagitis, IBS //
Ava 5/3/05 asthma, food allergies
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One of mine has a similar reaction to the yellow/orange dye they use in things like doritos & those baby veggie puff wheels. I used to think it must be the cheese but now she is doing ok with small amounts of cheese and yogurt so it had to be the coloring. I wonder if they use a coloring or something in the popcorn to make it more yellow.
Nov 17, 2008
Cooper was born 12/19/07. Birth weight: 7lbs10oz. Weight as of 2/11: 8lbs9oz. 6/23: 14lbs12oz! Struggling again 12mo: 18lbs. Breast Fed exclusively, on strict elimination diet until Dec 08. MSPI as well as other food intolerances Diagnosed w/ GER at 5 days following barium swallow. Choking with apnea spells. Ftt. dx w/ Laryngomalacia following brochoscopy 1/29. Aspiration. apnea monitor until 5mo. pH probe 1/29 showed severe reflux. Sandifers Syndrome. lbrady and tackycardia. echo and EKG 2/18: Came back normal! Swallow study 2/29: some NG reflux. Unexplained seizure 4/1. Negative CF sweat test 4/4! EGD 11/19: reflux damage in esophagus. pH probe 11/19, reflux improved. Safe foods: pears, apples, peas, rice, small amounts of chicken, potatoes, and carrots.
Currently drinking Elecare vanilla 30cal/oz and breastmilk.
Meds: Nexium 10mg 2x daily. Carafate as needed, miralaxx as needed, probiotics daily
Cooper reacts even when I use soybean oil, so I would think it might be that too.
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