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Nov 14, 2008
Bug: born 1/2006 at 35wks 6d 4# 14.5 oz. Dx w/ reflux when a baby, completely resolved now
Bitty: born 8/2008 at 36wks 4# 9oz Dx: "silent" reflux at two weeks.....we're still working on hers. :)
long time lurker...first time poster...ARGH!
I thought I'd post here seeing as you guys might understand my plight. First off I have 2 beautiful daughters. Both were preemies. Bug was born at 35wks 6d and weighed 4# 14.5oz. Bitty was born at 36wks and weighed 4# 9oz. I had pre-eclampsia with both girls and actually wound up in the hospital those last 3 weeks of Bitty's pregnancy. Thankfully all is well in those regards now. Both girls are/were formula fed (I take daily meds that pass through breastmilk) Bitty is actually on Neosure (halved with isomil....her dr. doesn't know that though.....she was miserable on jsut straight Neosure....jsut halving the formula's made a BIG difference but he wants to keep her strictly on it until she's 6 months....I couldn't take it anymore and did what I had to do.) BUg was on Similac initially and then I switched her to the Isomil and it made a big difference for her with the gassiness and it helped her reflux. DD #1 (Bug) is almost 3 and had reflux as a baby but grew out of it once we started table food with her. My first few months with Bug were horrible because, well i was a FTM and had no idea what to look for. I feel like I lost some precious time in those first few months with her b/c we were all so miserable. Thankfully once she was put on prevacid it made a world of difference. When she started jar/table food we went off the prevacid adn she did jsut fine. Since then she's had no problems. DD #2 (Bitty) is 12 weeks and we diagnosed her at 2 weeks w/ "silent" reflux. This time I knew what to look for and we (our ped and DH and I) put her on prevacid 15mg solutabs once daily. She seemed to be doing well but then we had some very scary choking episodes involving having to use the blue bulb. Since then she's been on the solutabs 1/2 tab twice a day. She's much better and while she's not perfect (we have good days and "bad" days) we're pretty pleased with how she's doing. Recently she's started teething (Bug was an early teether too....) and that seems to be aggravating the reflux. ICK Ok so here's the thing I need to vent about: I belong to a message board on a certain eye-village site for babies born in September. (we were early) For the most part I really like the ladies on the boards. There are a lot of first time moms on there though. I constantly see posts about babies "constantly spitting up" or "crying all the time and not eating well" and practically every other reflux symptom out there. I feel like I'm constantly repeating myself in posts about how "I'd suspect reflux" and to "visit PAGER's site" for more info on trying to help some of them get educated about the problem. So many of them take their LOs to their Dr.'s only to be told that they "have a spitter" and to deal with it or"it's jsut colic" and various other excuses and they don't even question it but seem to be miserable having to deal with all their LOs problems. Even some of the other BTDT moms will tell them that "oh he/she's just a spitter" and blah blah blah....... I feel like I'm bashing my head against a wall trying to get the info on reflux to them. I'd hate for any of them to go through what I had to go through with Bug. Anyone else ever come across this or feel this way on other message boards? Am I just being silly? maybe today is jsut a bad day for me, i don't know..... Anyway, if you read all this and made it this far Thanks for "listening" to me vent. also thanks to everyone over the past few years for all the info and advice they've posted up here. Like I said, I've been a long time lurker...... :)
Nov 14, 2008
Bug: born 1/2006 at 35wks 6d 4# 14.5 oz. Dx w/ reflux when a baby, completely resolved now
Bitty: born 8/2008 at 36wks 4# 9oz Dx: "silent" reflux at two weeks.....we're still working on hers. :)
Bitty was initially on 1/2 15mg prevacid solutab once daily. She is now on 1/2 15mg prevacid twice daily.
Nov 14, 2008
amber f
There is so much info out there telling people that reflux is no big deal. I see it in the media and I read about it online. Reflux is a big deal and meds are important. But with all the bad publicity about putting your kids on meds and reflux being over dx it is hard to get people to take it seriously. You are doing all you can by telling them about pager and to suspect reflux. It is up to them to take if from there which can be soooo frustrating.

It is nice to meet you and see a post from a "lurker":) I often wonder who isn't signing on but still getting help from what others post. amber f

Nov 14, 2008
I am Jacky, mommy to Joslyn Olivia (April 2008) and Katelyn Isabel (November 2009).
Joslyn was dx'ed with Silent Reflux with breath apnea at 5 days old. VERY SCARY!
Katelyn is a spitter reflux baby. Started at 3 days old as well. (Both were/are breast fed.. symptoms came on when my milk came in).
Joslyn has been reflux free since she was 12 months (suffered poor weight gain for a few months) and Katelyn is now on Zantac... waiting to see if it works.
We had a scary time with Joslyn when she was 3 days old. She turned blue while nursing and we were rushed to a children's hosp in ATL. ( we live in Ga and took Joslyn to the birth hosp first.. they rushed us to children's.) Joslyn had 3 episodes total of turning blue. After 5 days she was dx'ed with silent reflux which caused her apnea.

SOme people did try to tell us (when she first had a blue episode) that babies tend to stop breathing and are fine. It is just something babies do . Even now when we say she has silent reflux (she is now 7 months) some people dont know what it is. It is not until we mention not breathing, a 5 day stay at children's healthcareall the freakin tests they did on her (spinal tap included) and the meds she has been on do they see. Some people wtill dont get it and they n ever will.

Joslyn had horrible feeding issues (I breast fed) some feedings were good but most were horrible. I got very tired of people (even some family) saying "what is wrong with her? Why is she screaming?" GEE MAYBE BECAUSE SHE IS IN PAIN!!!

Joslyn has overcome alot (not as much as some LO's on here ) she is a miracle baby as we lost 2 babies before her, suffered through her apnea, reflux pain, poor weight gain, eating issues, tests....tests...tests...tests!!!!!!

you are in good "hands"here...we all know what you are going through!!!

God bless your precious babies!!!


Nov 15, 2008
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
Glad to see a "lurker" post! Many times I've hears what an "irresponsible" and "selfish" mom I was for not BF and medicating my girl. Acid Reflux is NOT just spitting up - many people don't get it. If all my dd did was vomit and not scream, arch, and fight in pain, I'd have GLADLY just invested in an industrial washer and dryer. Unfortunately, so many people have advice to give that's just not so good. Many of us have been there, and sometimes there's just nothing you can do or say. I hate to say it, but if it is GERD, they'll find out eventually and the poor kid will just suffer until then.

The only thing I can add is to just keep encouraging the moms who ARE concerned to fight for referrals to a ped GE and just validate their concerns....sometimes it's all we can do. Heck, I had to convince my MIL that Allie needed meds - she thought we were exaggerating, until she ended up wearing an entire bottle of formula on her (yup, an ENTIRE bottle - I measured it when we scraped it off her) b/c she didn't listen to us during and after feeding her once.

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