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Nov 07, 2008
3rd day on neocate. no cramping yesterday, but cramping tonight after no cramping all day. WHAT does this mean??? allergy to smtg else? not the proteins? I am so scared and worried :(.
Nov 07, 2008
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Not sure what it means. It might be that your little one is not tolerating it, or it might be that it is taking time for his/her little body to adjust.

I am sorry u r having a rough time and hope that this resolves soon. What meds is your little one currently on? What have u tried?

It is not recommended, but when we were at the hospital, they gave Meggy warm pacs to put on her belly. It helps a little sometimes. Other wise We gave her Levsin and still do. It is a prescription though, so I am sure this is much help on the weekend.

If u put the little one over your knee or shoulder, does he/she seem more comfy?

Nov 07, 2008
BRANDON-Zantac and Bethanacol; Neocate formula, 2 sets of ear tubes, Adnoids removed, Vasomotor Rhinits, Asthma. Currently on: Xyzal, Omnaris, Flovent and Xopenex,
AUBREY-Zegerid 2x a day, Soy Milk, Tubes put in and adnoids removed (11-7), Hypotonia, ECI therapy for low muscle tone throughout trunk and hips, oral motor issues and sensory integration issues, delayed speech, Teething, probiotics
PICTURE: Aubrey in her cute cat outfit. If you look you can see how her right foot turns in. She walks that way as well. It is not as exaggerated in the morning's but gets worse in the evenings. This was after her nap.
In my opinion I would give it a little longer. It takes a bit for their tummies and bowels to adjust. Go with your instincts.
Nov 07, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
I was gonna say what Jennifer said. It does take a little while for her system to clear out the other stuff. We are all here for you. We know what it's like to play the roller coaster, waiting game. Hugs to you all during this up and down ride!
Nov 08, 2008
Adriane Reese 05/16/07; seemingly healthy when born; diagnosed with MSPI, severe Reflux, Apnea, Ashtma, Epilepsy, and severe food allergies(rice, corn, milk, soy, eggs, oats, wheat, beef, chicken, squash, pumpkin, avocado, etc.);On apnea monitor, seems to be tolerating RCF w/carbohydrate mixed in; on Zyrtec, Xopenex, Prevacid
I agree with the pp. she might need a little longer and a nice warm compress on her belly could help with the gas and cramps. It got us through some rough nights. She would lay there on her belly over my lap.

Their systems are so sensitive she could just be taking longer to adjust. Follow your instincts though. I hope some of you get some rest tonight! -Amanda

Nov 08, 2008
Andrea: Mom to 3 crazy girls!
Jackie (3/01)
Payton (9/03)
Abby (4/06) Prevacid 7.5mg (evening), MSPI, goats milk (currently trying to wean off Prevacid)
I also second what everyone else said. It takes there body time to adjust to a new formula.
Check with your
doctor first!