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Nov 07, 2008
amber f
Med wean....Help solve the mystery!
Nolan was weaned down to only the am 7.5 mg dose in Oct. and he spit up once. Well now this week I started to give him his meds every other day per doc. request. He has spit up about 5 times now. It isn't a lot. It seems to be on the days that he gets his meds. I think that is weird. If it was on the day we skipped it I would think that made more sense. Anyway what would you do? Would you continue the wean or give him 3.75 mg a day instead of going every other day? The spit up doesn't smell bad. The thing that concerns me is that he hasn't spit up the whole time he has been on prevacid since he was about 5 months. Not a single episode until I did a med wean at 9 months (then the spit up smelled and he had acid breath and wet burps.) I then waited till 12 months to wean again. I need some opinions:)
Nov 07, 2008
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Ask the doc, but if the spit up doesn't smell acidic and he does not seem uncomfortable I would think it would be fine??? Or you could ask about using an H2 Blocker instead of prevacid for awhile, that's what we are doing (I think Jedd too). Elyse still has some spit up/throw up even on the zantac and she is 17 mos old, but it doesn't bug her as bad as when we try to wean, then she is clearly uncomfortable.
Nov 07, 2008
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Hey Amber! It totally sucks when you have to start questioning a med wean....again. I agree with Sharon, though, that if he is acting okay, he might be okay. How long have you been on the every two day dose? If it were me, I wouldn't bother with a 3.75 mg dose each day. I don't think it would be effective. It could be that his little system is getting used to digesting with acid on the med-free days, and then when he gets the prevacid, the pumps stop, and things don't move as quickly (hence the spit up). Also, how have his eating habits been since the wean began? We found Rory ate more, and if that is his case, it would also explain why stuff is coming up. Also, a few weeks can have a huge impact on activity level at this age. HOWEVER, spitting up is reflux, so the decision is ultimately yours. 7.5mg each day isn't a lot anyway, but if it takes the edge off for him, I'd go back to every day, and wean him again in a few months. I never understood this "every second day" idea of a wean anyway. I'm not a doctor, but if a person is weaning because of the possibility the reflux *might* still be there, and cutting them off would be bad, then they have the possibility of having reflux every why every second day? Especially given the nature of the drug. I dunno, just curious I guess. Did they explain it to you? I know, not much help, lol. I took Rory off cold turkey because she wouldn't take the darn stuff without WW3 here.
Nov 07, 2008
amber f
Michelle~I'm not sure why they want me to do it every other day? He has been eating about the same maybe drinking a little more. It has only been a week into the wean. I think I may try to give it a little more time. If it starts to smell bad or it seems to hurt him I'll go back to it. I just hate this not knowing and up and down madness. I can except that he needs meds if I know he needs them but how do you know if it is just normal stuff or reflux? UGH I still want his manual.
Nov 07, 2008
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Sharon's right
We weaned form 2x's a day of a PPI to 1x a day of a H2 and 1x a day of a PPI. We are now officailly on an H2 only. He is supposed to take it once per day but I have been taking that dose and splitting it up for the last week. I started seeing issues in the evening (just mild ones) so I split up the current dose and he seems to be doing well.

I would see about trying an H2 blocker first before going back to the PPI. JMHO though.....LOL At least taht way it's a more milkd medication. KWIM.

Jedd takes Axid BTW. When we see the GI on the 20th I am goign to see if he can get us on an H2 that has a generic the copays are killling me.

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