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Oct 13, 2008
Renee, mother to Nicholas, born 4/18/08 with silent reflux, moderate laryngomalacia, Sandifer's Syndrome& suspected MSPI. On Neocate, Simply Thick and Prevacid. Also mother to Nathan, born 12/06/06, who had mild reflux the first few months.
Meredith-Ethan's new photo
Meredith-Love, Love, Love Ethan's new photo! Such a cute little man!! Sitting up and everything!!! (He still reminds me of my Nicholas.) Soo handsome! Just want to give him a hug and kiss!!!
Oct 13, 2008
ethan's mom
Meridith, mom to Ethan born 4/23/08. Ethan was diagnosed with reflux at about 1 month. He has been on Zantac (unsuccessful) and Prevacid. He is currently taking 7.5 mg of Prevacid 2x per day, with good results. We also suspect MPI, though this hasn't been confirmed by a doctor yet.
Ethan is mostly breastfed, though we are doing one bottle of soy formula each day. We also do some homeade "solids' including, so far pears, avocado, sweet potato, and peaches.
His first professional photos. I get to go pick up the prints tomorrow, and I can't wait, even though I have them all on CD. If I had more money, I'd be addicted to going and getting his pic taken!

Thank you

Oct 14, 2008
amber f
I've been meaning to post to you too. He is so darn cute. He looks like a lil man. I love his outfit.
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