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Oct 11, 2008
Braddy, Pressy, and Avie
Braddy- He is on his last week of mixing the Alimentum and Soy. We started the transition and then got sick so we had to hold off on the complete switch. Last week he had the rotvirus and strep. (Actually all 6 had strep. Boy was that fun!) After he was completely better we started back with the weaning. We are honestly excited and optimistic that the switch will work. As you all know with this awful condition you get your hopes up and then they are set back. He is still on his medicine and it is looking like he may have to go back on the EES. He is not eating well b/c he is having pain so he is starting to lose again. Our follow up at Duke is Nov 4th. He has until then to gain at least 8 ozs and if not then we try the EES. If this is not successful then he has a feeding tube inserted the 1st of Dec. PRAY please... I know honestly that the tube may be his best option but he is so active and I am worried that he wouldn't adjust too it well. Only time will tell and the Lord will provide us with the best option.

Pressy has been dx with a total food aversion. He will only tolerate liquids by mouth. He now covers and clamps his mouth shut when you go near him. If you do happen to get food in his mouth he vomits everywhere. He does well though with formula and his sippie. I will keep you posted on the outcome of his evaluation. At their 9 mo check 3 weeks ago he weighed 16.4 lbs, 26.75 in, and 16.75 in head. Avary- He is responding well to the feeding therapy. He is improving with each session. We go back next week to the developmental ped for his PT follow up. If he is still greatly delayed then they will start PT and OT with him weekly. His weight was 16.6, 27.25 in, 17.25 in head. He is 1.5 oz bigger, .5 in longer, and .5 in bigger in head cir. To look at them there is no difference in size.

Pressy is crawling, pulling up, and walking around things. He occassionally lets go of things and takes a step. He has 4 teeth now and cutting 2 more. Avie crawls, pulls up but doesn't try to take any steps yet. He has 6 teeth but not showing signs of cutting more.

The bad news.... Press and Ave has to have their right tube replaced. Press' has come out of the canal and is stopped up with blood. He ear is draing blood. Ave's is draining infection and hasn't improved with the strongest ear drops and liquid Antibiotic. I take them back the 21st and they will schudule the sx then. Braddy has to go that day also and is likely going to have an adnoidectomy. He has a sinus infection constantly unless he is on an antibiotic.

Ave as woke up fretting with his ears. They burn him a lot. I am thinking and praying for all of you. Carla

Oct 11, 2008
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You and your family are amazing. I don't know how you do it, but I guess because you have to take what life gives you and make the best of it. I picture you as this super woman in my head, most of the moms here and otherwise as well.

I hope the boys improve soon in all aspects and that you are able to get some sleep.

Gotta go, Meggy is calling

Oct 11, 2008
Melissa - Mommy to Sebastian, born 9/28/07 @ 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.75 in. At docs at 12 months: 27 pounds and 32 in! Good grief! GERD - currently on Prevacid suspension (liquid equivalent of 45 mg a day). Allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, all treenuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, peas, sesame, bananas, barley, coconut, dust, dust mite, dog, cat, latex. Seasonal allergies. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Neocate only - no solids - until further notice (drinks and loves water, too). Loves his doggie, our rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, Louise, even though he is allergic to her. Louise will make your doctor a homemade pie if you would like her to. PHOTO: We couldn't do a cake on Sebastian's birthday, but that didn't stop him from tossing around the contents of a big bowl of popcorn! He now tries to eat it when we play with popcorn, so no more of that game.... :(
Well, it does look like you have a little bit of god news mixed in there! Thinking of you. You really do have it rough.
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