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Sep 20, 2008
Liz, mom to Donnie 12/2005
Surgery for Pyloric Stenosis at 5 weeks old
GERD since 4 weeks old
Colic until 13 weeks old
Delayed Gastric Emptying
Surgery for Tubes and Adenoidectomy at 14 months old
Anemic since 9 month check
Febrile Seizures
Speech Therapy
MEDS: Zyrtec, Nasonex, Xopenex,
Vitamins with iron, and back on Prevacid as of 12/2008
Thinking out loud
I was just wanting to get some opinions. The last couple of days Donnie has been complaining about his stomach hurting. He had that terrible episode the other night I posted on earlier and we thought we had solved it and linked it back to new vitamins we got but he woke up this morning complaining of his stomach hurting again. He is not sick or anything so I was wondering if it sounded possibly like reflux and if I should try something, I don't know. We already do Maalox as needed so I don't know if I should do that more frequently than I am or possibly put him back on prevacid. Hmmmm, it is hard to get dh to support decisions these days. I mentioned taking him to the GI after the terrible episode the other night that ended in diarrhea all over him down to the soles of his feet and that I had to clean out of the carpet (sorry tmi!). I am just wondering where I should go from here. Thanks, Liz
Sep 20, 2008
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If it continues, I think it would warrant a visit to the GI. My DH doesn't support much these days. He has lost all faith in docs.
Not sure what your circumstances are. If it continues and is addressed sooner rather than later, maybe it is something easy to resolve.
Check with your
doctor first!