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Sep 18, 2008
baby quinn's mommy
Mom to a 3 year old baby girl with severe reflux: g-tube, nissen fundoplication. dx: RAD, failure to thrive, DGE, epilepsy, sleep apnea, paraesohphogeal hernia, high lactic acid there's more "unknown disease"... Hospitalized 12 times, PT graduate! ST graduate! OT graduate! Current Meds: singulair, zopeonex, pulmicort, reglan, Keppra, Trileptal, vitamin B6, Veramyst. Current weight: 34 lb. Current height: 39". g-tube dependent, oxygen 1-2LpM all day and night PIC: Ms. Quinn
Still delayed... UGH!
Well, we had our six week re-evaluation with physical therapy today. It's all very great news. Quinn is doing remarkably well considering how she was when we first began. She used to be all over the place, balance was practically non-existent when we first started and forget about any kind of strength, she just didn't have it. Now, one year later, Quinn was hopping down from a step about 5 inches high, she was running, squatting and *talking*. Quinn has had a burst of language lately and it's exhilarating. there's still work to do. She still presents with a developmental delay. She is functioning at approximately a 25 month level and she is 32 months old. Not too bad... definitely better. she has been without her brace on for six weeks, but due to her immature gait pattern, the PT recommended orthotic shoe inserts. Not bad... at least you can't see the orthotics. I'm fascinated that we have been able to get rid of her AFO. PT says that she doesn't feel she needs it anymore. It's all great news. but I truly thought she was doing better. And she caught Q on a great day too. Which means that she kept her oxygen on all night :) So sad to say that, but so true. -Sarah
Sep 18, 2008
ethan's mom
Meridith, mom to Ethan born 4/23/08. Ethan was diagnosed with reflux at about 1 month. He has been on Zantac (unsuccessful) and Prevacid. He is currently taking 7.5 mg of Prevacid 2x per day, with good results. We also suspect MPI, though this hasn't been confirmed by a doctor yet.
Ethan is mostly breastfed, though we are doing one bottle of soy formula each day. We also do some homeade "solids' including, so far pears, avocado, sweet potato, and peaches.
I haven't been on here long enough to know where her development was when she started PT, but the progress sounds great! Hopefully now that she is making good progress she'll make up the difference quickly.
Sep 18, 2008
Chris: Mom to Rayna Marie our little miracle born June 13, 2007. 7lbs 12oz. Diagnosed with GERD after ph probe at 5 weeks. Current weight 21lbs 8 oz. Prevacid 8ml in a.m. 2% milk
Way to go Quinn!! Given everything she' been through it sounds like fantastic progress. My neice was always a quiet little girl, but as soon as she turned three, there is no stopping her chatter! Sometimes you can't get a word in and sometimes I don't think she stops to take a breath!! Maybe that will be Quinn in a couple of months!!
Sep 18, 2008
Worry Wart mom to
27 mo. reformed "happy spitter"
34.8lbs , 37in tall(oct)
Diagnosed A/R at 6 wks
Zantac until 1yr then Prevacid
Med free since February 08
peanut & egg allergies...still
Zoo Boo Trick-or-Treating (pic).
I know you are disappointed but cheer up. She has made real strides. 6 month delay will be down to 3 down to nothing before you know it.
Sep 18, 2008
It's so nice to hear she is doing so well. Yeah Quinn!
Sep 18, 2008
Sharon, Mom to Elyse, 17 mos (15 mos adjusted-preemie). Zantac/Elecare. History of: Respiratory Distress Syndrome with ventilation/CPAP/cannula, tpn, n/g tube, PDA, jaundice, apnea, bradycardia/tachycardia, severe anemia, blood transfusion, reflux, Sandifer's Syndrome, intestinal malrotation, hemangiomas, MSPI, feeding issues. ICU inpatient 53 days! 2 surgeries, 2 UGIs, barium enema, pH probe, endoscopy. Developmentally on target now! PIC: Yobaby Beard
Good job, Quinn! Yet another step up!
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