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Sep 18, 2008
amber f
Gaby~ Julian's mom
I wanted to start a new post so you were sure to see it. Congratulations on your job offer. Way to go. That is soooo awesome that they were so understanding.

I'm sorry Julian still has a fever. I hope he kicks whatever is giving it to him fast.

Sep 18, 2008
Thank You so much I truely feel really blessed and lucky. Actually it was my former co-worker from San Diego that helped me secure this job. I really was not looking too hard since I have been having so many issues with Julian. I felt like I needed to be home.

Meg (old co-worker) just did some business with this company and when she found out they were close to Dallas she told them about me and how I had just moved here and she told them how much he missed me I guess! All I know is that she said some great things about me :) They just happened to have this position open up recently.

In addition to that since they (old company) just purchased new equipment from them, they sent the mechanic here for training and he too told them about me!

I work in accounting and in San Diego I did the accounting for a construction aggregate company that mined a quarry down near the U.S. border. Now I will be working for HOSS Equipment which sold the Quarry their Dump Trucks, Loaders and such.

Pretty exciting I went from working in corporate america to working in the dirt literally...and I love it, they are so flexible and non traditional. In SD I could go to work in jeans n shirt everyday and no one would care. It is the same where I am going to be working now as well so I am happy!

As for julian the high temp is still there, we are on our 3rd day of the antbx I was really hoping they would kick in by now at least show some improvement.

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