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Sep 17, 2008
Julie - I have three children. My youngest Katie is my refluxer. My first Ben was very colicy and is ADHD. My middle Jakob is pretty easy going. Katie had it bad as a baby no sleep for two years. She was on Nutramagin, Prevacid and Zantac. Thought we were through it but after age three it came back big time. After her scope she was put on Prevacid 45mg a day and mylanta as needed. Scope was in Sept. Showed damage in stomach and espophogus. It took about 7 months of medication and Reflux diet for her to start feeling better.
I just don't get it
I just don't get how a little virus can send reflux spinning out of control. I just got psyched about treating the gastritis/reflux and now she has a virus and of course it is causing havoc on her tummy. I hate reflux or do I hate the viruses? I guess I just hate both.
Sep 17, 2008
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
Virus can be nasty to a GI baby. I know with Jedd they really throw him for a loop for quite some time afterwards. the worse one was hand foot and mouth. I found out that one actually lives in the GItract, it's an entero-virus. that is why it hung on soo long.

I hope the sickness leaves quickly.

Sep 17, 2008
Melissa - Mommy to Sebastian, born 9/28/07 @ 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.75 in. At docs at 12 months: 27 pounds and 32 in! Good grief! GERD - currently on Prevacid suspension (liquid equivalent of 45 mg a day). Allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, all treenuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, peas, sesame, bananas, barley, coconut, dust, dust mite, dog, cat, latex. Seasonal allergies. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Neocate only - no solids - until further notice (drinks and loves water, too). Loves his doggie, our rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, Louise, even though he is allergic to her. Louise will make your doctor a homemade pie if you would like her to. PHOTO: We couldn't do a cake on Sebastian's birthday, but that didn't stop him from tossing around the contents of a big bowl of popcorn! He now tries to eat it when we play with popcorn, so no more of that game.... :(
I know how you feel, and I am so sorry everything is haywire right now. This all just plain SUCKS - no bones about it, you know??
Sep 18, 2008
seamus mama
Seamus was diagnosed with Silent Reflux at 3 weeks. Now he is 14 months, on Prilosec and avoiding dairy,soy,egg. Still nursing. A lot !!!
I'm hating the reflux too. I hate it most when a newborn baby has it and their mama and papa wish they were blissing out but all they can do is cry because something is wrong with their beautiful little baby and nobody knows what could be the matter.
Sep 18, 2008
Worry Wart mom to
27 mo. reformed "happy spitter"
34.8lbs , 37in tall(oct)
Diagnosed A/R at 6 wks
Zantac until 1yr then Prevacid
Med free since February 08
peanut & egg allergies...still
Zoo Boo Trick-or-Treating (pic).
My son has been off meds for a long time. The only time I have to treat his ar is when he is sick. I do wonder why that is. I hate both too!
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