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Sep 15, 2008
Aurora born March 17, 2007
3 years, 8 months old
Weighs 25.8 lbs
8 lbs 11 oz at birth.
Recovered Chronic Projectile Vomiter
Prevacid Free since September 08
Egg allergy diagnosed Jan 26/09
Has a Pectus Excavatum
Has an Epipen
Rory Update
I just got back from the ped. She has blisters in her mouth and throat pretty bad. She even has a large lesion/blister on the outside of her mouth. Her fever was up to 104 last night, but has since come down. It comes back when the tylenol wears off. She lost weight since her weight check two months ago, down to 18lbs. The ped said because she is a bit dehydrated and hasn't eaten in 5 days because of the virus, this is not her true weight, so she'll see us in a month. She seemed concerned and said to really really push in the next few days to get her drinking milkshakes and her formula. I have to keep her out of daycare until Monday. If her fever does not break by Thursday morning, she will squeeze me in. Now I have to call the temp agency and change my start date for work. Oh well, Rory comes first. Thanks for all your support lately!!!
Sep 15, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
These babies need to look at our calendars don't It always happens at the worst time, not that any time is a good time. I hope she'll feel good enough to eat/drink something. Hugs!
Sep 15, 2008
amber f
I really hope she drinks soon. Poor girly. That sounds so painfull.
Sep 15, 2008
Melissa - Mommy to Sebastian, born 9/28/07 @ 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.75 in. At docs at 12 months: 27 pounds and 32 in! Good grief! GERD - currently on Prevacid suspension (liquid equivalent of 45 mg a day). Allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, all treenuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, peas, sesame, bananas, barley, coconut, dust, dust mite, dog, cat, latex. Seasonal allergies. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Neocate only - no solids - until further notice (drinks and loves water, too). Loves his doggie, our rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, Louise, even though he is allergic to her. Louise will make your doctor a homemade pie if you would like her to. PHOTO: We couldn't do a cake on Sebastian's birthday, but that didn't stop him from tossing around the contents of a big bowl of popcorn! He now tries to eat it when we play with popcorn, so no more of that game.... :(
Ugh! That must hurt. I get canker sore all the time (stupid genes), and THEY suck, so I cna only imagine how they must feel to a little kid AND when coupled with a fever. Can she take anything at all for them? I"m so sorry.
Sep 15, 2008
Mom to Jasmine aka: Jazz 01/24/2007
Dx with silent reflux at 8 months
FPIES, DGE, MSPI. Recently diagnosed with EC (Eosin. colitis and now Primary immune deficiency disease.
Also mom to Nathan. born Jan.20th, 2009, MPI . so far dx with reflux and has an extremely sensitibe GI system. Also dx with primary immune deficiency disease.
Poor Rory! I hope she feels better soon.
Sep 15, 2008
Worry Wart mom to
27 mo. reformed "happy spitter"
34.8lbs , 37in tall(oct)
Diagnosed A/R at 6 wks
Zantac until 1yr then Prevacid
Med free since February 08
peanut & egg allergies...still
Zoo Boo Trick-or-Treating (pic).
Is it hand, foot and mouth? That is really going around right now. I can only imagine what it feels like. I am cursed with the canker sore gene too. I never get just one, it's always 3 at a time. That is bad enough but to have your whole mouth covered, yikes!
Sep 15, 2008
Poor Rory hope she starts feeling better real soon.

I too have a fevered child. Julian, is home ill today and this is the 2nd flare up this month. I just hope this isn't any indication of what is to come. Hopefully the prevacid will kick in soon. I am new here in Dallas and now that the kids are in school full time I have interviews scheduled. I just hope I can be as lucky as I was at my last job, where they were totally family first and very understanding and supportive of my families needs.

Hope everyone here can have that same luck, including myself. I am also praying that all the sickies get better ASAP!

Also, Julian has not been able to hold anything down, water, toast, saltines, gatorade, the fever seems to be under control. Is this typical of a Reflux flare up or do you think maybe it is a virus?

He says his vomit tastes like his boogers(TMI..Sorry) of course only a little boy would know what those taste like! lol! Also when he is over the toilet he gets all tense and arches over and he will even raise one leg up like it is cramping, has this happened to anyone before?
Sep 15, 2008
Coyle Eagan. One Year Old. Doing well on Cow's Milk flavored with juice :) Drinking two bottles of Go&Grow daily. Eating solids better but still have rough days. No More Silent Reflux-that I can hear anyway.. but puking again. Zantac 2ML 2X daily.
oh, i'm so sad for her! i hope she feels better really soon. do you have wendy's up there? maybe some frosty? will she eat that?
Sep 15, 2008
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Feel better Rory!
Feel better Julian!
R those sores caused by the live virus of chicken pox vaccine?
Sep 15, 2008
Mom (Danie) to Adam (9-4-03) & Nate (3-7-07) Nate was diagnosed with silent AR at 2 months old. He was on neocate, prevacid 30mg per day and couldn't start solids till he was almost 8 months old. He started cow's milk at 14 months and is currently off all meds!! So far so good :) PIC: Disney trip 2008. Nate didn't know Piglet was there, he didn't like the characters too much.
She sure has a bad case of it...Nate had a pretty mild case. I certainly hope you are successful with the milkshake thing...have one for yourself too!!
Sep 15, 2008
Poor Rory and poor mommy too!!! Hang in there, mommy!! You're doing a great job!!! Hope she's doing better soon!
Sep 15, 2008
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
the hand foot and mouth is along the smae vien as chicken pox but a different strain. HFM is not caused byt he pox vacc. to my koweldge. It is passed form one ifected chidl to another and is normally passed during the late spring through summer and early fall depending ont eh wheather in your area.

And yes, it's a nasty virus.

Sep 15, 2008
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
I am soo sorry Michelle!!!! I pray Rory bounces back quickly. the pedi. didn't want to do some IV fluids to get her rehuydrated??? I imagine that would make her feel better faster. I imagine it feels pretty nasty to be dehydrated.

You poor sweetheart....she must feel soo bad. HFM is one nasty virus. It lived here for a hwile with Jedd. It took a good 3 weeks to get him back to normal.

It was one of those times I was sooooo glad Jedd had that stupid tube. At least then I could run pediatlyte like an IV and keep him hydrated in order to avoind an admission or ER trip for fluids.

Well, look at it this way, you get to spend another week with Rory!!!!!!! WHOOHOO.....too bad it is being spent trying to nurse her back to health and getting her to eat!!!!

I pray the eatign will pick back up to the great news I 've heard about!!!!!

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