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Sep 12, 2008
Hypotonia help?
Sep 12, 2008
I do not know what happened...
I was wondering if anyone has any helpful info on hypotonia for Avary. I want to start some type of home therapy until his eval the end of the month. He is sitting alone better but still is weak. He is also crawling somewhat but drags his left side. Is this something that resolves itself or is it lifetime? I am just curious. Also is hypotonia related anyway to reflux. This may be just a odd connection but it seems when he is having a horrible reflux day he has more trouble sitting and holding himself. It seems that the hypotonia is really severe on those days. If you have info let me know so I can try to help him in advance. The developmental pediatrician has already dx him with this but has ordered a PT eval to see the severity and how much therapy we will have to have.

His feeding eval was today but I had to change it b/c of him being sick. We go next Fri. Can anyone tell me what I can expect with a feeding eval? They have also ordered one for Pressy since he is gagging on everything unless it is liquid. I will let you know when it is.

Sep 13, 2008
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This is not to scare you, just something to take into consideration and talk to the physician about.

Does Avery take anything that might interfere with the central nervous system. After Meggy was overdosed at the hospital in February with Levsin, she stopped holding herself up in the car seat. She just sorta flops over. If someone doesn't sit with her to keep pushing her head back, it tilts so far forward it cuts off her breathing.

I say this to say some of the meds our los have to take can have the same affect. They mess with the Central Nervous system. So, I would take package inserts of anything he is taking and read the fine print carefully including all the studies. If it is a side affect and u take away the meds, the problem will hopefully resolve. All of this has to be done through the physician though as stopping can be dangerous too. Looking up the terms u don't know. I don't know any home therapy at the moment, but we lay Meggy on her back and gently help to stretch her legs.

Hope something here is useful.

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