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Sep 04, 2008
Maria (27), mommy of 2 beautiful boys with spwcial needs. Raymond (2) born preemie NICU stay. Diagnosed with mild CP, Severe Reflux, and Trachealmalasia. Currently off all meds and doing excellent!!! William (11 mos) Full term suffered from Apnea episodes, on heart monitor for 4 months. Diagnosed with Severe Reflux, Trachialmalasia, milk sensitivity and other foor allergies. Currently on Prevacid and Nutramigen formula, trying milk slowly...Off thickened liquids now and doing well.
Benadryl! OT kinda
I don't know if this was already posted... but I was at Target last night picking up some essentials and I couldn't find the Benadryl childrens chewables. They stopped making them!!!! I asked the Pharmacist. The only child Benadryl is now liquid....ugh
Sep 05, 2008
maia m - GERD. Nissen Fundoplication w/hiatal hernia repair.
Mom to
Son (10) GERD(aspiration pneumonias, apnea, tracheomalacia), Food allergy, Asthma
Daughter (6) GERD, Heart Murmur, Food Allergy, Asthma, Mold allergy
They do have those pre-measured "spoon" things.
Check with your
doctor first!