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Sep 02, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
this is just crazy-my ot rant
I am sitting here at 5am crying...why? because some heartless, cold you know what won't let me be with my dh. Y'all, I can count the # of nights we've spent apart on my hands. Most of them were when my stepdad was dying.

There's definitely a chance that mil will be ok and I know that, but there's also def. a chance that she won't. How can a person live with themself knowing that they are keeping family apart when someone may be dying? How? I am trying to figure out exactly what I want to say to her and what I don't want to say. Problem is...she probably won't even be there. It will probably be the asst. dir and I don't want to unleash anger on her that is for someone else.

I have been awake since 330 with my ear killing me and I can't stop thinking about mil. I will say my peace one way or the other. And I won't be at the 630 MANDATORY meeting tonight :) I am going to make an appt to have my ears looked at and just tell them what time it is. I am going to ask him to give me a dr's not for as long as he possibly can. Friday they do the morning class for substitute teachers and I think I will be in it.

When my stepdad was in the hospital, I was at another preschool job that I hated. I also hated it bc the dir was a ykw. The difference? She let me be off as long and as often as I needed. He was in the hospital a month and I wasn't there much that month.

Y'all just pray for her and pray that I don't go in there in a few hours and say things I will regret later for some reason. I can't imagine why I'd regret anything I say to her, but you never know.

Sep 02, 2008
amber f
Do with what you feel is best Melissa. Follow your heart. If the won't give you the day to go to the hospital what else are they going to deny you? How good of a teacher can you be with so much on your mind and barely any sleep? I hope your ear feels better soon too. I'm here for you if you need to talk.
Sep 02, 2008
Donnessa, mom to Halley born 3/10/07
Reflux (mostly) resolved at 14 months
and Addison born 8/17/09. Currently exclusively bf and on 7.5mg Prevacid
Melissa, I feel awful for you. I hope that your boss comes to her senses today. Hopefully the doctor will be able to give you something to fix your ear - ouch. ***big hugs***
Sep 02, 2008
Jennifer - 1st time mom. Lauren (6/1/07) diagnosed 9/07 with GER at 3 1/2 months. Prevacid 7.5 mg in the am. Currently drinking whole milk and eating great!!
No longer aspirating! Yippee!
Picture: Why would Lauren play with the hundreds of dollars worth of toys scattered in my living room?!?! When she could play in a box! Estimated move date: Oct. 3rd!
So sorry that your boss is being such a pain in the you know what. I work for a woman who can be very unpredictable like that and it drives me crazy. I hope everything is okay with your MIL and DH and your ears! Thinking of you today!
Sep 02, 2008
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My previous drivers license was also stolen. The new one has extra security features on it.
Thinking of you. Hope u will look for another job. Your boss seems to think they can run over you and u will take it. This is not a good thing. I have had bosses like that and they only try more and more to see how much you can take. Please try and get some rest. I know it is hard, but you will need it. Is it possible the assistant director could be of help to you? How understanding is she usually? I think it is just plain cruel. I am sorry you have to deal with such harshness. Hope you feel better soon. I would not recommend it because u will certainly lose your job, but I have had to literally walk away from a job before. They took so much advantage of me and were very mean. Unfortunately that requires having a new job lined up. I would have to agree with Amber to say follow your heart. Sending a few hugs your way.
Sep 02, 2008
Melissa - Mommy to Sebastian, born 9/28/07 @ 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.75 in. At docs at 12 months: 27 pounds and 32 in! Good grief! GERD - currently on Prevacid suspension (liquid equivalent of 45 mg a day). Allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, all treenuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, peas, sesame, bananas, barley, coconut, dust, dust mite, dog, cat, latex. Seasonal allergies. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Neocate only - no solids - until further notice (drinks and loves water, too). Loves his doggie, our rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, Louise, even though he is allergic to her. Louise will make your doctor a homemade pie if you would like her to. PHOTO: We couldn't do a cake on Sebastian's birthday, but that didn't stop him from tossing around the contents of a big bowl of popcorn! He now tries to eat it when we play with popcorn, so no more of that game.... :(
Well, that is pretty danr sh*tty of your boss. I am SORRY. I had a bos slike this before I switched to teaching online FT, and when my dad was in the hospital, I just told her I was going to go be with him. I didn't care. She was pretty shocked, but she also diddn't say anything. I worked as an assistant to the chair at a university (BLEH...BORING), so I guess she knew hiring someone else would take forever because of all the red tape. Hopefully, your boss will realize it is not worth the trouble to prove her stupid point.

Hope your ear feels better soon!!!

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