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Sep 02, 2008
Update on Michael and us...
Michael has still not improved greatly. The knot on his right side is getting larger. That is the pouch that has the fluid in it. The blood clot and pouch is in the center. I am worried though that if it keeps increasing in size it may bust and go into his lungs. I am not sure if this would happen but guessing at how close the sac is to his lungs. The Dr said the blood clot should dissolve on it's on and not be a dangerous issue at all. Hope and pray he is right. Michael was going to try and go back to work tomorrow since he is off w/o pay but there is no way he can in the shape he is. If we lose everything we have there is no way I will let him go back and jeopardize his life for material things. He consistantly lifts 80-100 lbs all day installing the gas lines and he can't do that with broke ribs and elbow. God will see us through and provide for us. I know that this is bad but this accident has brought Michael and I closer than I think we have ever been even while we were dating and first married. On both sides we have realized just how quick things can change. I came so close to losing him last Sat. All I can think about was him gasping for air while he was down. I Thank God everyday for him and pray that we are together until we're 100 or the end of times.

I am still in a lot of pain also. I refuse to let Michael lift so I am lifting the babies and Braddy constantly. I had a CT Scan on Friday and it showed my T11 Vertebra completely flattened and my T2 and T3 Vertebras compressed. I see the orthopedic next week. There is a great possibility that they will have to go in and put plates in between the vertebras. I am just taking everything day by day. My right side is burning up at my shoulder. My left side is all the way from the base of my neck to my waist. If I move the slightest movement it send stabbing pains throughout my entire back. It is hard dealing with this and having little ones. Why did she have to hit me and take away from my husband and babies???? WHY???? Also Allstate is giving me the BIGGEST hassle about our truck. We both have Allstate and they want me to file the wreck on my policy. They are crazy. Her policy is paying for my truck and injuries. I did not ask for her to hit me and I am not causing my insurance premium to increase b/c of this. I will just wait until they pay from her policy or I will go to a lawyer. The truck is drivable so I am not in a big hurry.

Braddy is doing so good. He is still picking at foods but he is drinking well and maintaining his weight. He is getting taller though so with him not gaining he looks so skinny. I am giving him Pedi sure, Soy milk, and Nutri Pals to increase calories. They are also ordering me some kind of added calories that I mix in his drinks or food. They said this should make a huge difference. He was 21 months yesterday. Not too long and he will be 2.. SIGH>>>>>

Prestyn is still little meanness. You can see the sneakiness in his eyes. LOL He is a little doll baby. Honestly with his eyes and lashes and the color of his complexion he looks like a little porcelein doll. We had pics taken Sat night and they are unbelievable. I will scan and post them when we get them back. I did one with all 4 (Braddy, Prestyn, Avary, and Jeremiah) on a ladder with little blue jean overalls shorts on. They did not have a shirt or shoes just the shorts. It is amazing that it turned out like it did.

Avary is having a harder time with the reflux lately. He is waking at night and having numerous silent episodes. He vomits too all the time. His diet is mostly formula since he has the problem with solids. We have the feeding eval on Friday to find out how often he needs feeding therapy. He started crawling this week and going from his belly to sitting. His muscle tone is still weak but he is making accomplishments daily. Honestly I feel by the age of 2 he will be caught up. They say preemies are caught up by then and i think he will. He doesn't seem like he will have any long term problems except maybe with food. I will keep you posted.

The girls love school. Kaitlyn is so happy and doing well in middle school. It is a total different story from elem school. Maddie is joining the OM team at school. By joining this she will travel to alot of other schools even in other states to compete. She is so excited and I am for her. She is very shy and when they invited her I didn't think she would do it but she decided too. My mister Brad is walking himself to class alone. He is so proud of himself that he is not crying. He will come home and just talk our ears off about his day. Praise God that he is able to do this now. They are going to test him and if he tests above K then they are going to advance him on to 1st. I am stuck in the decision to make. I do not want him to be bored b/c he knows everything already but then I don't want him advanced to 1st b/c of the age. He is already much younger since his bday is in Aug then if he is advanced then he will be barely 5 in 1st grade. If you have opinions please help me.

I am going to bed now. I am soooo tired but I can't sleep. There are many nights now for some reason that I do not go to sleep at all. I am tired but wide awake. Finally I just get up and clean on the house. I just wish I could have some more energy with it. LOL Thanks everyone for your prayers and thoughts. I will keep you updated when I can. Carla

Sep 02, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
Praying for you and yours. And I don't think moving him to 1st grade is even something to consider.
Sep 02, 2008
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I am so sorry you are going through all of this. May God bless you and your family in this time of need. I think u must be a very strong woman for what you are going through. Please do take good care of yourself too.
Sep 02, 2008
Donnessa, mom to Halley born 3/10/07
Reflux (mostly) resolved at 14 months
and Addison born 8/17/09. Currently exclusively bf and on 7.5mg Prevacid
Wow, Carla, I'm really worried about that clot (as you are). Can you get a second opinion? I can't imagine how bad your back must hurt - you must have an incredible pain tolerance to be able to lift those babies. I guess a mommy does what a mommy has to do.

I'm so happy to hear that you and Michael are doing better. I hate it that it had to be under these kinds of circumstances, but sometimes I guess that's what it takes. I need to appreciate my dh more.

It sounds like the kids are doing GREAT!! As far as Brad goes, if you're having any doubts - hold him back. It's better for him to be slightly bored and do well than work hard and never be able to keep up.

Sending you big hugs - can't wait to see the pictures!

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