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Aug 28, 2008
GERD or bacterial imbalance
GERD or bacterial imbalance?
It took me a while to finally log in to post. I read a lot from PAGER before and appreciate all the input and kindness from each other. I contacted "bear's mom" and had lots of good conversation regarding our daughters similar symptoms. We all agree it might benefit someone here. So I paste our email communication below and good news is that "bear's mom" now is a happy mom again! Hi Tera, > > I found your email address from the PAGER forum. Please forgive me for > directly contacting you without your permission. I tried to do the > registration on the web and so far just couldn't get through yet. > The reason I want to contact you is my daughter (8) had almost same > symptoms as your daughter. I read your posters this morning and just > can't help to contacting you. Here's our story -- > My daughter, Grace, was overall an energetic and happy girl before this > summer. She was diagnosed as bladder reflux when she was 3 and was on > low dose antibiotics for about 2 years. Then she had the surgery to fix > her bladder at 5. Ever since then she was pretty healthy, with several > cold/flu a year. She has minor asthma and eczema. But none of them was > serious for daily medication. She did complain tummy ache and headache > in March, right after our spring vacation. She threw up one time and had > bad headache, tummy ache. We thought it was from car sick and some crazy > rides. The symptoms lasted about a week, at the time when I took her to > the doctor, symptoms almost gone, although the doctor prescribed her > zantac, since her symptoms didn't bother her, I stopped giving her after > one or two doses. > Then summer break came, we went to another vacation. Kids were having > lots of fun ... However just on the time when we got off the beach and > head back home, Grace started have tummy ache and headache again. We > thought it might come from some crazy moments and schedule. After a week > or so, she still had the symptoms. I took her to the doctor and was > tested the strep. Swap showed negative but culture showed positive. So > she was on antibiotics. After couple of days, her symptoms still not > getting better at all, I took her to another doctor and they swapped her > again and it was still positive. Then they shifted to another > antibiotics. Still, symptoms not getting better after couple of days > antibiotics and zantac. She finished the 10 days antibiotics, her strep > culture turned negative but her symptoms still not better. Her doctor > started to separate her headache and tummy ache apart. She suspect her > headache from the difference of her eye sights, then we started the > journey of eye glassed. On the other hand, she started prevacid for > twice a day. Grace told me several times her stomach getting worse after > taking the prevacid . Now, it's been 4 weeks on prevacid and 3 weeks on > eye glasses. Her headache seems getting better -- most of time when she > told me "I don't feel good", and I asked her to tell me where, > previously, she mentioned headache and tummy ache; Now she only mention > tummy ache. But when I ask if her head still hurts or not, she would say > "a little". So I'm not sure if the eye glasses really help or just > because her stomach ache is so dominant. > One thing I can tell is her stomach ache is very bad during/after > dinner. She is totally down, laying on the sofa with arching back and > pale. Her asthma getting worse. She complained hard breathing. Recently, > every night we are struggling should we go to ER or not. As a mom, > watching her baby suffering every night and cannot do a thing to help > her. I was soooo frustrated. It took more than a month for the family > doctors to finally refer her to the GI specialist and another whole > month to get this appointment. And our daughter is suffering every > single day! There was once I cried at the doctor's office, feeling > helpless. I talked to her doctor should she do some exam (upper GI or > endoscopy) before seeing the GI doctor, at least making such appointment > ahead to save us some extra waiting time. The doctor said the GI doctor > wants to see her before any action. Every night I tell Grace, most > likely to myself, after XX days we will see the GI specialist and then > we will be well. I know I was cheating her and myself. But what else I > can say?! Finally I counted day by day down to the GI appointment > yesterday. Nothing was surprising ... The GI doctor said we need to do > further investment before making any other treatment. So we have to wait > probably another month before we can get an endoscopy appointment. I > just feel so angry, but I don't know to whom! I hate the evening coming, > when Grace starts to show her painful faces. I cannot imagine if her > symptoms will be life long! > Please forgive me I throw such emotional long words on you. After I read > your story, I started feel better. At least we are not alone. I hope our > kids can get better and well one day with help from each other, comfort > each other and support each other. > It's been a while since your last post, could you please give me (or > PAGER) an update? Hope your daughter already get well. > > Best wishes > > Jenny > Hi, Jenny! I am glad you contacted me. I am so sorry for what your > > daughter is going through (and the family as well). I completely understand > > what you are feeling and how painful it is to watch your child suffer - all > > the while not knowing how to help her or ease her pain. I have good news > > - Sarah is better! Out of desperation, we decided to take her to a doctor > > of natural medicine, just to see what he had to say. We were pretty > > skeptical of going to him, but we were desperate to find something to help > > Sarah. He hooked her up to some electrodes that were connected to his > > computer and a "scan" was done to her body. I will admit that I thought > > this was kind of weird, but I was shocked when he reviewed her scan and > > started telling us what Sarah's favorite foods are, her favorite drinks, and > > even her personality type. We hadn't shared any of this information with > > him. He told us that she had a severe bacterial imbalance in her body due to > > all of the antibiotics she had taken. Basically, the antibiotics had killed > > off all of the "good" bacteria her stomach needed and the "bad" bacteria had > > taken over her digestive system. He also stated that she had parasites > > which could have come from her pets or even from eating out at restaurants. > > The bacterial imbalance and the parasites were stressing her system and > > resulting in the stomach aches, headaches and gassiness. He prescribed a > > high dose of probiotics 3 times a day, drops for the parasites, and another > > type of pill for the headaches (but we never used those). Also, she had to > > follow a special diet for 3 weeks in order to "starve" out the bad bacteria > > and "feed" the good bacteria. She could not have any dairy products, wheat > > products, tea, tomatoes or artificial sweetener for the 3 weeks. She > > started to improve a lot within about 3 days of being on this diet. My > > husband and I were amazed. This was not an easy diet, but Sarah glady > > followed it because she could see how much it was helping her. I remember > > the doctor mentioning that people with eczema should stay away from dairy > > products. When the 3 weeks were up, Sarah wanted a treat - her favorite > > candy bar. Within an hour of eating it, she was in pain with her stomach > > again. This convinced her to slowly add things back into her diet. She did > > so over the next few weeks, with dairy just being added back in about a > > month ago. I am so happy to tell you that Sarah is back to her normal, > > energetic, pain free self. She pretty much eats whatever she wants now. I > > would strongly encourage you to find a reputable doctor of natural medicine. Tera Hi Tera, Thanks for your kind reply and bring me such a good news! I'm so excited and encouraged by your email! Congratulations to your family! As you could imagine, we are so desperate. I tried many different things on her, from spicy ginger to raw potato juice. She was a picky eater, was very sensitive to lots of flavor. This morning when I was watching her drinking of a glass of raw potato juice quietly, I almost cried. I hope she won't remember all these suffers in the future. After reading your email, I immediately search the natural medicine clinic around our area. We live in Madison, Wisconsin. I didn't find any. Maybe I didn't search the right name. How did you find the doctor? As most of people, I'm not familiar with such kind of medicine, but I think it's very reasonable to try. Grace will have upper GI next Monday, allergist the following week and Endoscopy three weeks later. Lots of appointments and school is starting.... I talked with my husband and both of us are positive with the natural medicine. I'd like to wait after the three exams, in case there's any false negatives due to other treatments. But currently I really want to locate a good doctor of the natural medicine, since I'm 90% positive that's where we will finally go. So if you have any related information to share (email, phone number, website etc), that would be wonderful! Another question is when Sarah was on the natural medication and diet, did she take any other medicine? I mean the medicine GI doctors prescribe? Grace now is on Prevacid, it's been more than 4 weeks and her GI doc continued this for another 4 weeks. We haven't seen any sign of improvement yet. Also, which kind of probiotics did she use? I searched a little there are so many. Did you start the probiatics and the diet at the same time? You mentioned Sarah didn't use the pills for her headache, but her headache does go away! That's amazing! What about the drops for the parasites? Since Grace's symptoms all happened right after vacations, make me thinking of something from the hotel/restaurants? This sounds scary. Is Sarah on any medicine now? Sorry for so many questions. Again, I feel so happy for Sarah and your family! I hope I will be a happy mom soon. I'm so grateful for all the information you shared with us. Have a nice weekend! Jenny It's great to hear from you again! Please, by all means, feel free to share our conversations on the forum. I should have posted my information to for others to know. We have just been so busy. My son is 13 and Sarah is 12. They have both been very involved in their sports (baseball and softball) since April and I just haven't had time to post anything. I feel guilty about that. I don't know if I'll have time to post our info. anytime soon because I'm a teacher and school is starting Monday. My husband and I are amazed at how similar Grace's symptoms are to what Sarah's were. I agree that you should go ahead and have the tests done with her regular doctors. Make sure they check her for Celiac's disease, also. They should be able to tell with the endoscopy. We drove back and forth several times to one of the best hospitals in our state (Wake Forest University Baptist hospital) and I feel like her doctor there is one of the best. I know that he was doing everything his medical training knew to do to help Sarah. I guess what drove us to see the doctor of natural medicine is the next option to help Sarah was to put her on an antidepressant that has been found to ease stomach pains. We just didn't like the idea of giving her this antidepressant - - it has many, many side effects that aren't good. (The doctor really didn't want to do this either.) We, too, tried ginger. Sarah said it made her stomach feel worse. The Prevacid also made her feel worse. I couldn't stand to see her in so much pain so I had quit giving it to her even before we saw the dr. of natural medicine. After seeing Dr. Lowry (natural medicine dr), she didn't take any type of clinical medicines - not even Tylenol. He recommended that we stay away from all of the prescriptions and over the counter acid reducers. The only things she took were the probiotics and the parasite drops. We got both of those from him.(He is also a clinical pharmacist - so one side of his office fills regular clinical prescriptions and the other side has natural remedies). The probiotic is made by Natural Creations in Woodbine, IA. The name on the bottle says "Enterobiotic Plus" Dietary Supplement. It must be kept in the refrigerator. The parasite drops are also made by Natural Creations and are called "Verma HP". His pharmacy website is It has lots of information about his background and articles on wellness. We found out about him through a woman my husband knows at work. Apparently she was having health issues several years ago and her doctors believed she was developing Multiple Sclerosis. She went to Dr. Lowry and he determined that she had some nutritional imbalances, not MS. Through diet and supplements, she corrected her problems and has not had any trouble since. When we met with Dr. Lowry for our consultation, it was only $65 for the consultation which lasted about an hour and the medications we bought were around $60. He told us he would check on her in 3 weeks to see how she was doing. Sure enough, his office called in 3 weeks. Sarah was doing so well that we didn't feel like we needed to take her back for any follow-up visits. So, the one visit was all we had. Sarah does not take any medications on a regular basis now, other than an occasional Tylenol - and that's usually for muscle strains, etc. from playing softball. Occasionally she will have an upset stomach and that tends to happen when she has had too much dairy in one day. When this happens, she just stays away from dairy products for a day or two and she's fine. Usually the pains only last an hour or so. I'm sorry if I'm rambling on and I hope my information is making some sense. I will say that my husband comes from a family of doctors and we have always been very skeptical of things outside of conventional medicine. However, when your child is suffering and wasting away in front of your eyes, we realized that we would try anything to make her better. We weren't sure how his family would react to us taking her to a natural medicine dr., but they were open-minded about it and are thrilled to have her back in good health. My son has an ear infection from too much swimming and I am making him take probiotic too. I do not want this situation to happen ever again! I encourage you to email Dr. Lowry - maybe he can recommend someone in your area. If not, visit a natural food/health food store and talk to some of the people that work there. They should know of a good doctor in your area. Please write me back and let me know how her tests turn out. I will be praying for her. Once again, I am so sorry for all that she is going through. My heart aches for you, too. I know what you are going through. Please feel free to contact me anytime - even if you just want to "talk"! Tera
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