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Aug 28, 2008
Update on Michael
Today finally we have some answers. After him being totally knocked out from the Morphine I took him to the ortho. His ribs are cracked along with the blood clot pouch and the fluid pouch. The blood has clotted and not increasing in volume but the fluid is. He said this should be the last day or so then it will start subsiding back down. He said the pain will start easing up after about 2 weeks but healing time is 8+ weeks. As for staying in the hospital... Honestly I do not know why he wasn't admitted. The ortho was a little upset also that a MRI and xrays were not done last night. He stated that now though since the clot is post day 5 it has started to harden up and shrink. If it is busted now it would not harm him only make him extremely nauseated. I just that after all I have been through the last 2 yrs I just put my faith in the Lord that he will keep my family safe.

His elbow is cracked also. He tore the tendons from his elbow to shoulder. He also strained the muscles and now is having muscle spasms. They have put him out of work until next Thurs at least probably longer. All this is no pay b/c he has already used his days. Pray that the Lord opens us a path of happiness

Aug 28, 2008
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Poor Michael!!! Not to scare you, but keep an eye on that clot. If he starts feeling short of breath, has pain in his legs or starts exhibiting any difficulty speaking or moving one side of his body, get him to a hospital IMMEDIATELY.
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