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Aug 27, 2008
amber f
Brailyn's Mom~Amber B
Your daughter is so cute. I'm glad you were able to post a pic. Good luck at the doc this week and I hope you get a referral tosee a GI asap!
Aug 27, 2008
oh thank you! You have a cutie yourself! keeping my fingers crossed for some sort of info from the dr. keep u posted. thank you.. :D Amber B.
Aug 27, 2008
Coyle Eagan. One Year Old. Doing well on Cow's Milk flavored with juice :) Drinking two bottles of Go&Grow daily. Eating solids better but still have rough days. No More Silent Reflux-that I can hear anyway.. but puking again. Zantac 2ML 2X daily.
i know-i was just thinking the same thing! she's a lil' pumkin
Aug 27, 2008
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
We have this dress as well - I love it for those hot days. She's a cutie!
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