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Aug 26, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
Ear ??-Me
This is about me. I'm dumb about all this but y'all know that I was on antis last week for the "possible infection" that the medical assistant said I had. Well, my ear has still bothered me a little. I put 2 drops in it tonight for pain. It felt different. I couldn't hear at all in that ear. It was all muffled and the drops weren't going down into my ear like usual.

So, I got a q-tip and then after I did it, stuff ran out my ear like crazy. Then a few mins. later, it did it again.

Was that fluid from my ear or just the drops? It seemed like a lot more than the two drops I put in there. It was clear though....Sorry if this is tmi, I just don't know if I need to go to an actual DOCTOR or not.

Thanks y'all!

Aug 26, 2008
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If the fluid was clear you would think there would be NO infection...hhhhmmm......DH had an E.I. a year or so ago and his ear ached badly. He did drops and it cleared fast.

I've never had swimmer's ear could it be that????

BTW IS your Siggy NEW....I'm LMAO!!!!! "Just here to annoy people".....LOL hehehehehe

Aug 27, 2008
Melissa, I keep getting an infection in my right ear. I went to Maddies ENT to find out what was going on. He said I am gettin an outer ear infection aka swimmer's ear. He gave me drops and told me to keep them totally dry showering and swimming.

When it does go muffled and then hurt a couple of hours later drainage will drain. It was way more than the drops to. He did tell me that there is treatment for these infections like the tubes for the middle ear infec. HTH

Aug 27, 2008
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I get them all the time. Mine drain towards the end of the infection. It takes my ears up to 6weeks to go back to "normal"...I hear the "muffled" sound for weeks and it drives me crazy. It usually starts to "click" and then it finally pops BUT , it does take awhile for it to do that (for me anyway) Hope you feel better soon :)
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