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Aug 24, 2008
I am Jacky, mommy to Joslyn Olivia (April 2008) and Katelyn Isabel (November 2009).
Joslyn was dx'ed with Silent Reflux with breath apnea at 5 days old. VERY SCARY!
Katelyn is a spitter reflux baby. Started at 3 days old as well. (Both were/are breast fed.. symptoms came on when my milk came in).
Joslyn has been reflux free since she was 12 months (suffered poor weight gain for a few months) and Katelyn is now on Zantac... waiting to see if it works.
just do not know what to do
I am having a rough time. We have taken Joslyn off all her meds (minus maloox when needed.) We are just so concerned about long term effects with the prevacid and zantac. Prevacid has not been out for atleast 20 yrs so we do not know what long term effects it will have on such a tiny body. We feel like we are damed if we do and damed if we dont. I know with her small size we can afford for her to get sick as she does not have any reserves. But we dont want her to have future problems.... we are such worry worts with her being our miracle and a long time coming. We do not know what to do! We know the docs will say the meds are fine and to give then to her. But this our baby girl... what do we do?!
Aug 24, 2008
Donnessa, mom to Halley born 3/10/07
Reflux (mostly) resolved at 14 months
and Addison born 8/17/09. Currently exclusively bf and on 7.5mg Prevacid
I can certainly understand your concern. For me, the possible effects of Halley not being on the meds (food aversion, damage to her esophagus, etc.) was enough for me to be willing to take the chance that the meds would not harm her. I didn't realize that Joslyn was on both Zantac and Prevacid. Would it be possible to wean just one of them to see how she does (I'd probably start with the Zantac, since the Prevacid takes a while to build up in the system and Zantac is more immediate)? A lot of babies outgrow reflux by 1 year of age (14 months for us), so chances are she won't be on the meds long-term. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Aug 24, 2008
Jessica, Mommy to Jedd, severe reflux, severe food and oral aversions, Finally G tube free!!! VSD repair 4-24-07 (open heart surgery), hypospadias, repaired 3 times and Ear tubes Visit Jedd at his CB site:
My thinking is this...if he needs them he needs them. The alterantive of taking him off is just NOT worth it to us. So we keep him on them. That's how you have to decide.Taking them off and letting the reflux got out of control can cause other medical issues...I.E. they can develope precancerous condition called Barrot's Esophagus. So like I stated befre and it's JMHO...for us the benefits out weight hte risks.

There will be plenty of time to tak ehim off when he is older and can express verbally to us what his issues with AR are. but fo rnow, he stays on them.

Aug 24, 2008
Connor 11/22/02
Grace 7/2/04 reflux free now!
Molly 7/10/07 the reason I'm here!
I had the same feelings with my first reflux baby (but my second child). I knew she had reflux, but I was so afraid to give her the medicines. She loved to eat, and was a major comfort feeder, so weight was not an issue. I figured she would get better and start to grow out of it so I didn't give her any meds. But she was completely miserable and in pain almost all the time, and didn't sleep well at all. When she wasn't getting any better at 6 months, I finally decided I had to try something, or I was going to end up on medication! I would almost never leave the house because she would scream and cry, and I couldn't put her down to take care of my older child. She also always had a hoarse voice and sore throat, and frequent ear infections. So I decided to try zantac finally at 6 months and it was like night and day! she was the best baby, always smiling and laughing, and slept really well. Of course, then I felt guilty for not doing it sooner. She went off zantac around 13 months and has not had any effects from it so far (she is 4 now). When I had my third child last summer, I recognized the signs of reflux right away, and we put her on zantac at 8 weeks. Her reflux seems to be worse than my older daughters though, and the zantac wasn't helping as much as it did for Grace. So my doctor gave me samples and a prescription for prevacid. But being a crazy worry-wart, I researched it on-line first, and was too nervous to give it to her. I was reading that it was only approved for children over 12 months, and they were studying a connection between prevacid and food allergies because the lack of acid could affect the digestion of food. So, since she was also chubby and loved to eat, and the zantac helped some, I decided to stick to the zantac and increase the dose, and use mylanta/maloxx when needed. But if she hadn't been gaining weight, or was refusing to eat, I probably would have tried the prevacid, because the possible benefits would have outweighed the risks. but in her case I didn't feel like it did. And now she has food allergies anyway! It is a hard choice, but I am sure you will make the best decision for Joslyn.
Aug 24, 2008
Mom to Jasmine aka: Jazz 01/24/2007
Dx with silent reflux at 8 months
FPIES, DGE, MSPI. Recently diagnosed with EC (Eosin. colitis and now Primary immune deficiency disease.
Also mom to Nathan. born Jan.20th, 2009, MPI . so far dx with reflux and has an extremely sensitibe GI system. Also dx with primary immune deficiency disease.
It's not an easy choice for sure. For us as written above, the potential damage that can happen to her esophagus and the ramifications of not eating/gaining enough were more than enough for us to put her on. I hope this helps!
Aug 24, 2008
Andrea: Mom to 3 crazy girls!
Jackie (3/01)
Payton (9/03)
Abby (4/06) Prevacid 7.5mg (evening), MSPI, goats milk (currently trying to wean off Prevacid)
I have to agree with pps. The positives def out weighted the negatives for us. Abby was in such pain from the reflux and MSPI that Prevacid was the only option since Zantac didn't help her at all. It was amazing to see what a sweet baby she was when she wasn't in pain. I just could have never coped living the way we were before we got on the right dose of Prevacid and the Neocate. I wouldn't have changed a thing. Right now we are weaning her from the Prevacid. She started at 6wks and she is 28 months.
Aug 24, 2008
Coyle Eagan. One Year Old. Doing well on Cow's Milk flavored with juice :) Drinking two bottles of Go&Grow daily. Eating solids better but still have rough days. No More Silent Reflux-that I can hear anyway.. but puking again. Zantac 2ML 2X daily.
I struggled with this for many, many months. until my son flat out refused to eat after i had taken him off zantac for 3 days. i tried natural remedies (slippery elm) which did nothing for him. i felt bad giving him "adult" medicines and constantly berated myself.. absolutely do not feel bad.. we've all done it, i'm sure. i've not heard that zantac causes long-term side effects. can you just stick with that?
Aug 24, 2008
I am Jacky, mommy to Joslyn Olivia (April 2008) and Katelyn Isabel (November 2009).
Joslyn was dx'ed with Silent Reflux with breath apnea at 5 days old. VERY SCARY!
Katelyn is a spitter reflux baby. Started at 3 days old as well. (Both were/are breast fed.. symptoms came on when my milk came in).
Joslyn has been reflux free since she was 12 months (suffered poor weight gain for a few months) and Katelyn is now on Zantac... waiting to see if it works.
thanks ladies
Thank you for putting in your 2 cents. I have been thinking about it... (I started witting the original post friday night!) Joslyn was taken off of the zantac when the gi spec put her on prevacid. (sorry for the confusion) I think we are going to try the zantac for 2 weeks. The last does we were told was .6 ml per dosage. We go back to her doc on Thursday so we will ask then if it should be bumped up. As you all know it is just so hard to know what the right thing to do it. Joslyn has NEVER had a hard time sleeping! She started sleeping all night long at about 2 weeks old. Just after we got home from the children's Hosp. She is not a cranky baby at all. She wont even get upset when she has an episode when she turns grey. She just makes weird sounds and you can tell something is not right. We have not noticed her eye brows turn red just in the beginning of a choking episode. When I eat something really acidy (like the OJ) then she will get upset but the Maalox works like a miracle! Thank you all again for your help! We will try the zantac..... see if she as episodes. I just wish she would not suffer. Thanks!!!! Jacky
Aug 24, 2008
mom to Mila 2-20-2007
and Robby 4-22-2004
Mila is on Peptamen JR 30 cal by NG tube. Open Heart Surgery 2/08/08. Captopril, Zantac, Losec, Lasix.
I struggled horribly with this.. and Mila has SEVEN meds that she takes every day, most of which aren't approved for children, aren't approved for her weight, etc etc.

What it came down to was this - her quality of life - and mine - are most important. I couldn't take smelling like vomit and having her cry in pain.

now its not really an issue as some of those meds keep her alive!

Aug 24, 2008
ethan's mom
Meridith, mom to Ethan born 4/23/08. Ethan was diagnosed with reflux at about 1 month. He has been on Zantac (unsuccessful) and Prevacid. He is currently taking 7.5 mg of Prevacid 2x per day, with good results. We also suspect MPI, though this hasn't been confirmed by a doctor yet.
Ethan is mostly breastfed, though we are doing one bottle of soy formula each day. We also do some homeade "solids' including, so far pears, avocado, sweet potato, and peaches.
I just wanted to say that I feel for you! I hate the idea that my baby is on meds, but I can say that he and I are much happier now that we are figuring some of this out.
One thing we tried between our Zantac and Prevacid, was a gripe water called "Colic Calm". It has a ton of natural things in it. It helped Ethan for a couple of days, and then we had the same symptoms returning, so it wasn't a home run for us, but it seems like there are a lot of people who have success with it. We read reviews on the companies web site and on independent sites, and there were a lot of positives.
I'm not sure what the consensus is here on various gripe waters, but you could look into it and see if it is something you might be comfortable with.
On another note, we take Ethan in for his four month checkup of Thursday too! We'll have to post the (hopefully good)results. Meridith
Aug 24, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
I'll share my opinion...and that's all it opinion. I feel that all meds have the possibility of doing something to us. No matter what we put in the bodies of our little ones, we don't know what the long-term result will be. I mean everything from processed foods to vitamins could be dangerous. I feel that if the baby is in pain and if she has acid reflux, then you know damage is being done to her esophagus. That's something that has to be dealt with or it can cause serious problems for her.

It's a matter of choosing the lesser of two evils.

Aug 25, 2008
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
I agree with everyone, as well as you. I've always been a big proponent of "don't take any medications that have more side effects than you do symptoms." However, with GERD, we found the benefits outweigh the consequences. I've been trying to med wean (unsuccessfully) over the last few months, just because she's getting bigger and seems to be so much better. but even a 1/4 of a tab taken away over a couple of days, and she starts to scream again, so I know we're not out of the water yet. It's a hard choice, but you have to do what you believe best. I had a lot of outside pressure to get her off meds, but I let some of them babysit before we got everything under control (and I mean that I ran to the store to get food - 30 min or so). Now they understand the difference meds can make in quality of life.

This is getting a little long, but you have support here regardless of your decision!!!!!

Aug 25, 2008
Cooper was born 12/19/07. Birth weight: 7lbs10oz. Weight as of 2/11: 8lbs9oz. 6/23: 14lbs12oz! Struggling again 12mo: 18lbs. Breast Fed exclusively, on strict elimination diet until Dec 08. MSPI as well as other food intolerances Diagnosed w/ GER at 5 days following barium swallow. Choking with apnea spells. Ftt. dx w/ Laryngomalacia following brochoscopy 1/29. Aspiration. apnea monitor until 5mo. pH probe 1/29 showed severe reflux. Sandifers Syndrome. lbrady and tackycardia. echo and EKG 2/18: Came back normal! Swallow study 2/29: some NG reflux. Unexplained seizure 4/1. Negative CF sweat test 4/4! EGD 11/19: reflux damage in esophagus. pH probe 11/19, reflux improved. Safe foods: pears, apples, peas, rice, small amounts of chicken, potatoes, and carrots.
Currently drinking Elecare vanilla 30cal/oz and breastmilk.
Meds: Nexium 10mg 2x daily. Carafate as needed, miralaxx as needed, probiotics daily
I hate that cooper has been on meds since 5 days, but it isn't a choice for us. He was aspirating, choking, apnea. It is just the way it has to be for now. It is so hard!
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