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Aug 11, 2008
Kathryn, Pager Volunteer and mommy to Emily Mia 02/04/07. 3 years old with GERD. 30mg Prevacid and Pepcid AC. Mylanta needed for flares. Failed prilosec med switch. Tried and failed many med weans but GERD and pain are well controlled. Functional constipation. Reoccurring SBBO. Suspected IBD or autoimmune disease. Resolved issues: MSPI, CSID (acquired), Stage 2 kidney reflux, Chronic diarrhea.
Audrey Meadow 06/20/08. born 34/35 weeks. Still b/f and eats everything! ftt and chronic constipation.
should i bring this up?
Since i stopped eating milk and such audrey has ceased to vomit, yay! but i notice she still does silent reflux a lot. sometimes she coughs from it, even when she is up-right in her swing or bouncy. I am scared of aspiration or chocking- should i be??

She is not in pain from it, she still does not cry. Should i ask the Dr. about it? i know that H2s and PPIs only work on acid and there really isn't much that can be done if the reflux is not painful. (i know b/c emily chocked for months on pain-controlled reflux)
Aug 11, 2008
Glad to hear she's not vomitting. Yeah!! Nicholas chokes in his bouncer also between feeds. It was determined that that is when he aspirates. We thicken the formula with cereal and I think it keeps it down a little bit better. We tried the reglan, with the theory that it would move the food out of the stomach quicker but he reacted badly to it. There are other meds that do the same thing that we haven't tried but from what we were told, there's really nothing else you can do. It is important that the acid is under control because you don't want acidic stuff in the lungs (not that you really want anything) as the acid can do damage to the lungs. That's what I've read/been told. If you learn anything helpful, please let me know.
Aug 11, 2008
I would definitely as k the MD about it.
Aug 11, 2008
Coyle Eagan. One Year Old. Doing well on Cow's Milk flavored with juice :) Drinking two bottles of Go&Grow daily. Eating solids better but still have rough days. No More Silent Reflux-that I can hear anyway.. but puking again. Zantac 2ML 2X daily.
HI. Glad to hear that the projectile vomiting has STOPPED. what great news. guess she might be intolerant to milk? anyway, this is what i've been told by our GI-whom i put a great deal of trust in. he is the director at Motts.

sometimes with reflux the refluxed fluid travels all the way up to the larynx and then stops instead of traveling all the way out. this is why some kids will cough-to clear the airway. coughing is actually a 'good' sign in that it shows that the baby is able to protect the airway. as far as the acid. some kids produce more acid than others and in addition some kids are more senstive to it as well. id say that as long as she is not bothered by it then she might be (g-d) willing a happy spitter. let us hope for her.

the only other suggestion i have is to try the fisher price glider instead of the swing or bouncy if it is putting too much pressure on her tummy. i got one for free from my neighbor and it was i'm happy to say "THE BOMB"-lol.. until he was mobile. otherwise, id suggest putting receiving blankets underneath her to take some pressure off her tummy while she is in the swing/boucy. this helped coy-he slouched for a long time because he is so tiny.
Aug 11, 2008
Cooper was born 12/19/07. Birth weight: 7lbs10oz. Weight as of 2/11: 8lbs9oz. 6/23: 14lbs12oz! Struggling again 12mo: 18lbs. Breast Fed exclusively, on strict elimination diet until Dec 08. MSPI as well as other food intolerances Diagnosed w/ GER at 5 days following barium swallow. Choking with apnea spells. Ftt. dx w/ Laryngomalacia following brochoscopy 1/29. Aspiration. apnea monitor until 5mo. pH probe 1/29 showed severe reflux. Sandifers Syndrome. lbrady and tackycardia. echo and EKG 2/18: Came back normal! Swallow study 2/29: some NG reflux. Unexplained seizure 4/1. Negative CF sweat test 4/4! EGD 11/19: reflux damage in esophagus. pH probe 11/19, reflux improved. Safe foods: pears, apples, peas, rice, small amounts of chicken, potatoes, and carrots.
Currently drinking Elecare vanilla 30cal/oz and breastmilk.
Meds: Nexium 10mg 2x daily. Carafate as needed, miralaxx as needed, probiotics daily
This is what Cooper does allot now too. He does spit up some, but doesn't seem to be in pain from the reflux very often. Does that mean it can't cause damage? He still chokes on it frequently, only he goes about his business now.
Aug 12, 2008
Tracey, mom to Katie diagnosed with GERD at 3 week.
I would ask; what is the harm?
Aug 12, 2008
Mathias Johann - 12/14/05 - GERD, Hypotonia, Sensory Processing Disorder, Dyspraxia; Stopped silently aspirating at 20 months :)
First partial seizure on 7/2; First Endoscopy on 7/16; results: bile reflux gastritis.
New Meds: Zegerid & Carafate
Allergic to dairy
I'd definitely ask. We didn't learn that Mathias was silently aspirating until he was 8 months old. He didn't stop aspirating until he was 22 months. Because we didn't know he was aspirating by the time he was 8 months old he had stopped eating solids and we had to go through intensive feeding therapy. Libby
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