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Aug 04, 2008
Surgery for hiatal hernia?
Hi, my 5 year old daughter has had reflux issues for a few years now and non of the meds we have tried help. We recently found out she has a hiatal hernia which may be making the reflux worse. Has anyone had surgery for a hernia? Would they recommend it? What were the pros and cons? Our dr also suggested doing a nissen, but I am against that for several reasons. thanks, Amy
Aug 04, 2008
Mary & Nicholas 7-17-03 (non-refluxer)allergies, asthma on Singulair and Flovent & Aidan 1-28-07(my refluxer)Nissen Fundoplication on June 20, 2008, FTT, MSPI, DGE, ear tubes, allergies and severe GERD now currently taking just Prevacid and drinking Elecare Vanilla 1+.
I don't know much about hiatal hernias other then the symptoms can be exaclty like reflux and often once repaired the symptoms of reflux seem to get much better. From reading on other boards it does seem common to have a Nissen done with the hernia surgery probably just so you don't have to go back for another surgery. I just wanted to say that my son never responded well to meds either and we just did the Nissen at 16 months and it wasn't nearly as bad as the horror stories I read about online. I am so thankful we did it as it has provided amazing relief for him so if the reflux continues after the hernia is repaired I wouldn't completely rule out the Nissen.
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