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Aug 01, 2008
This is our dd, Alessandra. Dx with GER 10/07. Ran the gamut with meds and now done with them (crossed fingers). Using magnesium, probiotics and prebiotic supplements. With the exception of teething and general sassy attitude, all is well now. They really CAN grow out of it!
OT FIL issues
You know, I think I'd take the trash-pickers and other oddities...

My FIL (whom I've never met becuase he took off when my hubby was about 5) is currently in jail. Not something I want to try to explain to my dd when she asks about her other Grandpa...

Aug 01, 2008
Melissa - Mommy to Sebastian, born 9/28/07 @ 7 lbs 7 oz and 20.75 in. At docs at 12 months: 27 pounds and 32 in! Good grief! GERD - currently on Prevacid suspension (liquid equivalent of 45 mg a day). Allergic to dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, all treenuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, peas, sesame, bananas, barley, coconut, dust, dust mite, dog, cat, latex. Seasonal allergies. Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). Neocate only - no solids - until further notice (drinks and loves water, too). Loves his doggie, our rescued Treeing Walker Coonhound, Louise, even though he is allergic to her. Louise will make your doctor a homemade pie if you would like her to. PHOTO: We couldn't do a cake on Sebastian's birthday, but that didn't stop him from tossing around the contents of a big bowl of popcorn! He now tries to eat it when we play with popcorn, so no more of that game.... :(
wow, the rollerblading trashpicking antics are starting to look mighty fine. That sucks about your FIL. You could always just skirt the issue and say he lives far away (hopefully, he does). Not that that will work for long, but a little stalling might work in the short run!
Aug 01, 2008
Donnessa, mom to Halley born 3/10/07
Reflux (mostly) resolved at 14 months
and Addison born 8/17/09. Currently exclusively bf and on 7.5mg Prevacid
I guess you could say that he lives far away and doesn't get out much...
Aug 01, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
Well, my "dad" that left when I was a baby is dead now but I found out lots of "great" things about him. If he were alive, he'd be in prison too.
Aug 01, 2008
amber f
We can't change our family. I guess I would say he lives far far away and drop it you have about 10 years before she'll really press.
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