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Jul 31, 2008
Ticket to ENT
I just wanted to ask for your prayers on Friday. After all the antibiotics and 3 days of Rocephin shots the babies ears are still not cleared up. I can not believe that their first infection is going to end in tubes. I know it isn't a bad surgery but I am just unsure how I can comfort both at once when they come out. Would you schedule them on different days?

Avary's reflux is getting worse as we introduce new solids and also I think teething is contributing. They have increased his Zantac and if we don't see an improvement then we are going to look at another med. He isn't sleeping well at all.

Just wanted to update and let you all know I am checking in and reading quickly. We are trying to get everything moved so I honestly don't have time to breath. I went to bed this morning at 6 and was back up at 9. Also please pray for me. I have to have a sono for my thyroid. I saw my dr today and she thinks I am having some problems. My gland is real puffy. She is also running test for Lopus. I will keep you updated. ~Carla

Jul 31, 2008
Oh, man - when it rains!! I will be praying for you!! I would def sched on dif days. We got our tubes yesterday and you don't want to deal with starving kids in ne am, plus not be able to comfort them. GL!!!
Jul 31, 2008
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Sorry to hear about the twins ears. I would also do them on different days. Good luck with the sono. Hopefully it will be nothing.
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