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Jul 24, 2008
Mom to Eddie 1/07 and Nicholas 6/08. Eddie allergic and refluxer now on cow's milk!!!! Nicholas also a refluxer on prevacid and breast milk. Mom on elimination diet AGAIN!!
Amber F
You are so right I can't find that manual anywhere!! Nicholas is doing ok. I am not sure what is up with him some days I think reflux for sure then other times I am not so convinced. The Zantac is going down better thanks to all of the suggestions so maybe in a few days we will see a difference. As for Eddie I am going to wait and see hopefully his body is adjusting. Thanks for asking. Hope Nolan is well :O)Elaine
Jul 25, 2008
amber f
I hope you are getting some rest! Two little ones can be a handful:) I'm glad Nicholas seems to to be doing a little better. Nolan is doing great. Thanks for asking about us too! Take care.
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