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Jul 08, 2008
OT- How absent minded can a criminal be?
This is totally OT but wanted to share. If something is going to happen to someone it will be me.

Saturday morning Michael went out to the car for something. The glove box in my Expedition was open. Inside the glove box I had my Vicodin prescription from my sx hid. I just don't feel comfortable leaving a medicine like that in the house with children. It was a full bottle almost. The prescription was for 40 and I think I may have taken 2, 3 at the most. So Michael brings the bottle back in and it is completely empty. I was so mad that someone was in my car and then stole from me. That is really my pet peeve. A liar and a thief. I just thought that my nephew's mom had stole them since she is addicted to drugs. She had brought him some diapers and clothes she got to me since she can't have contact with him. So I just got ill brushed it off and went on about unpacking Sat.

Sunday we did not get to go to church b/c the babies sick. The older 3 went with my in laws to their church. I saw the garage open but didnt think anything since I was out from 1-3 Saturday night at my sisters b/c my 22 yr old nephew who will be a daddy in less than a month was having seizures. I was there and got back around 3 but I was alone. Michael, all the kids, and my parent's were here. The garage door was closed then.

Around 4 I was sitting here on the computer and I heard a car door. I looked out the door and didn't see anyone. I opened the door like a idiot and didn't see anyone. I closed it back and turned off the motion light. I still heard something but dismissed it as me hearing things. Sun Mom and Dad thought we were in the garage for something, Michael and I thought they were. When Mom and Dad returned from Lowe's he went in the garage to get his tools. Dad and Michael were starting to build the pool deck and Michael went in to get the materials. They came back in irate! Someone had broke into Dads garage and stole his street legal scooter he bought for Bradlee to ride. Michael rode Brad and Braddy through our private community all the time. The oil light came on a couple weeks ago and they parked it. It was gone.

We called the police and they came. We found that they had also ram shacked Dad and Michaels trucks. Nothing was in there to steal so they didn't get anything.

My parents own a ATV and scooter sales and repair shop here in town. Today my Dad was at the garage part when my uncle called him. A 16 yr old boy brought Dad's scooter in the shop to be serviced. The oil light was coming on... That is why it was parked in the beginning. Of all the scooters shops here he takes it to ours. He didnt know though that the real owner of the scooter owned that shop.

When the city police got there the boy said he had bought it from a guy yesterday who came through the low income apartments about 25 miles from us. He paid 60. for it he said but he probably took it instead of money for drugs he was selling. Anyway off to jail the boy went for felony possession of stolen goods. He described the guy but unless he identifies him to police he will be sent to prison. He stated the guy came through all the time selling things.

We thought the scooter along with some tools was all that was stolen. Right. On the way to the dr today I glanced up on the visor and my cd holder was completely empty. I was ill. They stole all of the cds and dvds in the holder along with the book I had in the console of dvds. It was every cd and dvd we own besides spiderman 3 which was in Brads TV. There were so many in it that I can not begin to give the value. I know it was at least 500.00. Since we were packing, etc they just left the entire case in the car to watch in there. They still don't know they are gone. I am not sure if homeowners ins will pay or if my collision ins will. If it is the collision then they only pay 100. max for contents.

I just feel so violated in my own home. They also got my sil truck that she left here Friday night, the neighbors 3 cars, and the guys across the streets car. The cops seem to think why they didn't get more was Friday night I thought I heard something so I closed the sliding glass door in our office that is here beside the computer. That was around 4 too. Then Sat night when I opened the door and turned off the light it scared them. I honestly figure they may be back but they will have to bust some windows to get in this time and break down a door.

Sorry this is so long. I just think it is so ironic that they bring it in the store when there are several on that side of town closer. They take the decals and luggage rack off but leave the serial # plate. The little 16 yr old is up there facing prison b/c some nut is a thief. He will be caught though one way or another. I am sure glad that I wont be the one facing judgement when the Lord gets ahold of him.

Jul 08, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all! car was stolen when I was 19 out of the parking lot. It was found the next day. I was stuck with it. I didn't like it for a while but then I kind of forgot about it. The cops didn't really do much to find out who did it. I guess they had better things to do.
Jul 08, 2008
so sorry
I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you, it is very scary and happened to a neighbour of mine (VERY SIMILAR STORY)....we get comfortable and want to believe that people are nice- like us- but it is so sad that we live in a world where there are theives like that (and worse).....I'm so sorry it has shaken your feelings of security....I too have felt like that when my husband had all contents stolen out of his car at a local baseball game- the perpetrator later called our house with my husbands cell phone- we saw the number come up on the caller id and were like 'OH MY GOSH'- he wanted to meet up to give him the stuff back- for a fee----the police said, don't do was scary.
Jul 08, 2008
Maggie is now 3 years old and reflux free (knock on wood). I still check in some to see how everybody is doing :) Hugs to all!
Wow Ann! Why didn't the police let you do it and go with you or something? That is scary!
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