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Jun 30, 2008
BRANDON-Zantac and Bethanacol; Neocate formula, 2 sets of ear tubes, Adnoids removed, Vasomotor Rhinits, Asthma. Currently on: Xyzal, Omnaris, Flovent and Xopenex,
AUBREY-Zegerid 2x a day, Soy Milk, Tubes put in and adnoids removed (11-7), Hypotonia, ECI therapy for low muscle tone throughout trunk and hips, oral motor issues and sensory integration issues, delayed speech, Teething, probiotics
PICTURE: Aubrey in her cute cat outfit. If you look you can see how her right foot turns in. She walks that way as well. It is not as exaggerated in the morning's but gets worse in the evenings. This was after her nap.
Just wanted to let you know I am praying so hard for you. I KNOW exactly what you are going through. I hoped and prayed that Aubrey would not have reflux and when she did-it hit me like a ton of bricks. I did not know how I would manage and have the strength to do it all over again. Somehow you do. You are such a strong woman I know you will get through this. I just wanted to let you know I have been there and I understand what you are going through. I am so glad you were able to switch doc's and I hope and pray you and the baby get some relief soon. (((((HUGS)))) J
Jul 01, 2008
Amalia 11/1/06, Silent reflux- Weaned off prevacid in the summer- back on again 15mg. Back on lactaid. Atalia- 6/17/08 DX with GERD and colic at 9 days of age. Appears to have mild MSPI. Upper GI. On Prevacid 22.5mg. Successful transition to whole milk! Eats everything!
Pic. Amalia and Atalia having fun at home.
Thank you sooo much. Your prayers are truly appreciated. God Bless.
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