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Jun 30, 2008
Amalia 11/1/06, Silent reflux- Weaned off prevacid in the summer- back on again 15mg. Back on lactaid. Atalia- 6/17/08 DX with GERD and colic at 9 days of age. Appears to have mild MSPI. Upper GI. On Prevacid 22.5mg. Successful transition to whole milk! Eats everything!
Pic. Amalia and Atalia having fun at home.
To Lmenendez
Just wanted to let you know that the Lord used you today- you are an answered prayer. I have been feeling really sad today...seeing Atalia in pain and not being able to sleep has really raken a toll on me today. I was gearing up for next week, trying to anyways, and stressing about it, dreading having to "fight" and trying to convince the docs to switch increase doses, it happened with Amalia. Your post was an answered prayer!!! I called my offcie to transfer and they said I had to wait until my chart got to Dr. KEiser's office by carrier in order to make an appointment. I spoke with Erika at Dr. Keiser's and PRAYED and praise God we have an appointment for next week on Wednesday (they are out this week on vacation). It will not be fun to wait but it is a lot more encouraging for me to wait when I know I will be seeing someone who agrees on prevacid dosing for young ones/is more aggresive with meds. I hope LAuren is doing well. God Bless and thank you!
Jul 01, 2008
Mom (Laura) of 2 girls both with reflux: oldest, Larysa, born 11/14/03 has tons of allergy problems and reflux; youngest, Lauren, born 11/10/06 has Colic/Reflux since 2 1/2 weeks. Tried Zantac, Levsin and Mylanta all were no help. Was adding cereal to formula with every feeding. Tried Soy, Nutramigen and LactoFree formulas those were no help either. Currently on 30 mg of Prevacid / day and Carafate (as needed) 2 ml 4x/day. She is on regluar cow's whole milk and table foods. Picture: Taken 8-24-08.
I'm so glad you have an appointment next week with Dr. Kaiser. For some reason I thought you went to the same office as I do (the one on Fletcher Avenue). Anyway, I am glad that you are able to switch. I really hope he is able to quickly help Atalia. We have seen him since December of 2006 and we love him. Sometimes he has suggested some steps of action and I have been the one to say I don't know, let's think about it. In the end, he has been (so far) right in everything he has told us (for Lauren that is). I'm praying for you. God loves you all and won't give you anything that you can't handle. I know it is so hard to see that in the midst of trials but it is true. God bless you and keep in touch. - Laura
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