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Jun 28, 2008
Chronic ear infection, and ENT question
Hi folks - I posted a looooong time ago, when we though Ozzie had reflux...then we switched to Nutramigen and problems were mostly solved. Ozzie is a burpy kid, though, so I think there is still a mild reflux issue. Anyhoo, I come and read up on the sweeties I got to know last year, and I am amazed at how incredible all you mommies and daddies are!!!! Reading about the things you deal with makes me feel better about asking questions and pushing the docs, since I know that I am not just being a hyper FTM!! So, here we are with an 8 week ear infection. After 3 antibiotics, the pedi put him on Bactrim, and I know it is not working. After 3 turns of this with diff drugs, it is not hard to me to tell... even though the nurses at the office think I am nuts. I have brought him back early each time, and each time, his ears are still infected and full of puss (icky!!) My pedi is great, but she knows that this is out of her league now, and is sending us to an ENT. We know that Oz has seasonal allergies, but I will have to ask for a referral for allergy testing at our 1 year appt. I wanted to know what kind of things I should ask and what to expect when we go to the ENT. Can anyone give me an idea of what to expect?
Jun 28, 2008
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did you try the ear drops???? We got RXed some and they worked great. Jedd still needed tubes though. He has serious eating issues and when he got an ear inf. he would completely stop and we would have to tube everythign.

AT our first ENT visit, they ckecked his ears and he said yep he's brewing another infection. I think he'll have one in a couple of days...UGH

He did tell us that he really thinks that EI are linked to reflux.

We were asking for ear tubes to be placed anyways, we were NOT going to fool around anymore. So our visist was pretty much cut and dry.

For us asking for tubes was the ONLY reason we saw an ENT....they placed them and we had to do a foloow up to check DS hearing. We have to go back 6 months postop to have hearing checked again.

Jun 28, 2008
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My daughter and I both get EIs from reflux. The reflux washes up high enough to irritate our throats, tonsils, and somehow "settles" in and brews into an EI. Ugh. Are you sure your child's reflux is under control? I only ask because my daughter's was not as noticeable off milk/soy/egg, but it was still there causing the more subtle symptoms like EIs, what looked like envrio/seasonal allergies, sore throats, etc.
Jun 28, 2008
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I don't know much about the EI as we haven't had to deal with that much yet, thank goodness. But, I just wanted to tell you it sounds like your doing a great job and are his #1 advocate. My niece got ear tubes at around 11mo and it has been a great success for them. She made it all winter long w/o an infection. I hope it doesn't come to that for you guys, but if it does, it is hopeful. Also, there can be allot of ear infection relief from chiropractic care, if your interested in that.
Jun 28, 2008
All three of my kids had tubes/adnoidectomy/and tonselectomy. Having tubes put in is an extremely easy process - no recovery time. It will definitely help with the ear infections since the tubes will drain the ear. The reason we had the adenoids out for Katie was the chronic sinus infections (probably from the reflux) were causing the chronic ear infections. Her adenoids were enlarged and therefore a breeding ground for bacteria. We had wonderful results. Every now and then she will still get an ear infection but nothing like her first year and a half. It is worth looking into. Good luck.
Jun 28, 2008
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I am seconding the ear drops. They helped mine with the pain aspect. Glad you are seeing an ENT. Hopefully they will be able to give you something to completely kick out the infection. Mine did not end up needing tubes but I've been told it isn't as bad as it seems. (???). Are you sure the reflux is under control? It might explain the ear infection issue. I am sure the ent will take that into consideration too.
Jun 28, 2008
Thank you so much for the replies. To answer the question about reflux - I thought it was under control - he doesn't complain much, but he hadn't been complaining about his ears much either. I will be asking a lot of questions next week - including about reflux. I will look into getting the drops at the pharmacy too - our "great" pedi didn't even mention them....
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