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Feb 26, 2008
does zantac work?
my insurance is making me try zantac first on my 3 year old son and it seems to be sort of working but he is still not eating that great and drooling although it is much better than before any medications. he used to not eat anything and drool constantly but his drool is less now and he has been actually eating more. i am seeing some improvement but not as much as i would like. any advice would be so helpful. thanks.
Feb 26, 2008
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Zantac did nothing for our DS aLot of kids need a PPI to do the trick like prevaciad or priolsec.

Check theohter board the begginers one. There is lots more trafic over there.

why are they telling you that you HAVE to try Zantac first? The doc. should be able to RX any med. he thinks is needed. Although Zantac is normally what the GI will try first.
Feb 28, 2008
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Hi! Zantac efferdose tabs worked wonders for my dd. She is one of the few I have to admit. I don't blame the drs for trying it first. You don't want to use a PPI unless the h2 blockers like zantac don't work. I can't discuss dosages, but maybe it needs to be increased. Does he sleep elevated? Can you get him to stay kind of still for a while after he eats? Like do a puzzle, color, watch tv sitting up, or something like that. The more he is upright, the better.

Check out the beginner forum. There are more moms over there. There's a few there that are around 2yrs old.

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