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Dec 13, 2007
Can reglan cause nystagmus?
nystagmus is an involuntary horizontal eye movement, his cardiologist noticed it today. reglan is known to cause neurological effects, I stopped him taking it b/c he was tounge thrusting and smacking his lips. could this nystagmus be a side effect???
Dec 16, 2007
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Reglan and nystagmus
Dear Austin's mom, How long has it been since you stopped giving Austin Reglan? Did you notice the eye movement before he was on Reglan or during/after treatment? I have asked Beth Anderson to reply to your message. Best wishes, Jan
Dec 25, 2007
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Since you have stop the reglan did the eye movemetn decrease. If so then I would be prone to think that they could be linked to the reglan. Our son never had that just that he was the world's most cranky baby so we DX the reglan. You could always use erythromycin. That's what we switched to.
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