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Sep 05, 2007
Chewing & GERD?
My daughter is almost 3 and has had GERD basically her whole life. We're currently off Prilosec for a trial, which is not going well, but GI wants us to give it another week. Anyway, she has tons of wet burps a day and barely eats, but when she does she does NOT chew her food. She tends to just swallow everything. I have to yell at her constantly to take small bites and chew. Most times she'll swallow 90% of whats in her mouth, then chew the last 10. Is this normal? Could this be related to the GERD? No other kid in her daycare does this. She also chugs anything she drinks. You can hear her across the room.
Sep 06, 2007
hi floreska, it very well could be related to Gerd in my opinion. my daughter who is 26 months old has just now started experimenting with solids. she takes very little bite of bread and only chews it with her front teeth and when it is almost dissolved that's when she takes it towards back of her mouth. so the problem is other way around that i just there for 15 minutes before she swallows a tiny piece of bread. so i think gerd kids have their own way of getting comfortable with food in their mouth as it certainly isn't fun for some like mine. keep posting in the advanced gerd as their hardly is anyone in touch with each other like the beginner gerd section:)
Sep 06, 2007
gabe's mom
Hey there
We are having the nissen done on my 3 1/2 year old guy on Monday.. I know his throat hurts him allot. She is probably not chewing and just gulping it because her throat may be raw.. Sometimes, I give my guy Motrin just to soothe his pain.. He will compain often about his throat hurting him because of the acid that is burning his throat... He wakes up very hoarse sounding every morning - sometimes, he sounds like my husband...
Sep 06, 2007
gabe's mom
Oh yes,
The drinking thing... My guy chugs everything because it feels good going down.. He sometimes will wake in the night and ask for drinks or food because it feels better going down - especially drinking... Try not to give any food or drink after 6 at night... If she begs - give her a dixie cup - that worked for us - he loved the little cups...
Sep 09, 2007
jan gambino burns
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Feeding Evaluation
Hello! Some children with reflux develop ways to eat that reduce pain as the other moms have pointed out. This may have worked for drinking but it may not work for eating. On the other hand, a child with reflux may have oral sensitivity or a oral motor problem. high muscle tone, low muscle tone, delayed feeding milestones, gag reflex and swallowing coordination problems can all make eating difficult. Combine a feeding problem with pain and the problem is even worse. It sounds like there are two issues: the reflux symptoms are worse off of the medications. that alone can make feeding painful and difficult. Second, it is possible that your daughter has a delay in feeding skills or an oral motor problem. I certainly cannot diagnose this. Your doctor may be able to refer you to a feeding specialist or a feeding therapist. The feeding therapist will watch your child eat and determine the cause or causes of the feeding issues. There are several techniques and exercises they can teach you to help with feeding.Often this is covered by insurance. I have also heard of children receiving free feeding therapy from the local child find or early intervention services (US). Another idea I will throw out is the possibility that she has some tooth sensitivity or decay. Reflux can cause tooth enamel erosion. Has she been to a pediatric dentist recently? This is very important. Let me know if you need further assistance with this. Jan
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