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Aug 20, 2007
coopers ride
Help With Recipes (running out of ideas)
My three year old son who has had reflux since birth. He was given an endoscopy test and they told us that he refluxes approx. 90 times (high) lasting 5 min or longer and 400 times low. He is currently taking 30mil. of prevacid a day (15 morn) (15 night.) He is also taking carafat at night to help him sleep, and often asked for tums during the day when he says that he doesn't feel well ( which breaks your heart to hear a three year old ask for tums). His gastronologist has pretty much run out of ideas, it seems like all doctors want to do is give more medicines. We are going to try a homeopathic doctor in a couple of weeks to see if he has any ideas as to what we can do to make the little guy more comfortable. I am writing this topic to see if anyone has ideas as to what foods are better to control the reflux. I am also looking for recipes for a toddler with reflux. We are running out of ideas and he is getting tired of eating the same things all the time. So I welcome any and all recipes that have worked for reflux, (not looking for cure, just foods that don't aggravaite it). Thanks Father of little tornado that is my three year old.
Aug 23, 2007
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Here is a link to an article in our reading room which may help.
Aug 23, 2007
Sorry totally off topic, i don't have any recepies. but i am a mother of 26 month old daughter suffering from severe Gerd. i always try and check forums for advanced gerd and there are hardly any posts from anyone. but like yourself there must be other parents whose kids have Gerd even after age 2. so please do keep in touch and write posts about how your son is doing, especially when he starts to get better. soi will be looking forward to share posts with you. take care:)
Aug 24, 2007
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No recipes but a few ideas
Hello! I am sorry that I do not have any recipes for you. When my daughter was 3 years old, she would only eat a few foods. It seemed like everything caused her reflux to flair, including a glass of water. Some children with reflux experience a worsening of their symptoms after eating certain foods. Other children have food allergies and intolerances such as lactose intolerance. Regardless of the medication, a child with food allergies may experience discomfort with each bite of food. By the way, my daughter's favorite foods at age 3 were cheerios, chicken, mashed potatoes and apple juice or water. I thought that I would scream if I had to make one more batch of mashed potatoes... jan
Sep 01, 2007
nurse bezemer
11 month old son has GERD, central apnea, several food allergies and an IgA deficiency. Takes Losec 8 mg twice a day and Maxeran 0.8 mg 4 times a day. Is on Neocate Infant and a special food diet. Also takes Flovent, Atrovent and Singulair daily. Sleeps with an apnea monitor at night.
New Here
I'm new here but glad to have found a resource for my own frustration. My son is 11 1/2 months old and has been suffering from reflux since birth. After seeing a pediatric allergist we discovered that he does have some food triggers. We began an elimintaion diet and his vomiting did get better (for awhile). We have been through many mediations but his current ones are Losec and Maxeran. Losec helps with the acid while Maxeran increases the motility of the stomach allowing it to empty faster, thus there isn't alot to reflux/vomit. It seems to be working (he's only been on it a week). He is going to have an endoscopy to see how inflamed and scarred his GI tract is, plus they will be taking biopsies to rule out digestive deficiencies, celiac, etc. Our next step is a surgical procedure called a Fundoplication, this is where they tighten the stomach around the esophagus make the opening smaller so that food has a harder time refluxing up.
Sep 01, 2007
nurse bezemer
11 month old son has GERD, central apnea, several food allergies and an IgA deficiency. Takes Losec 8 mg twice a day and Maxeran 0.8 mg 4 times a day. Is on Neocate Infant and a special food diet. Also takes Flovent, Atrovent and Singulair daily. Sleeps with an apnea monitor at night.
I forgot to mention that you might want to try an elimination diet. Start tracking he foods that give him the worst reflux and then eliminate them. If his reflux improves then it is quite likely he could have an allergy (common in severe reflux cases). We see a pediatric allergist who found several food allergies that caused the worst reflux. Common ones are chicken, corn, peas, carrots, wheat and other grains. Lamb is supposed to be the easiest meat to digest. Try some gluten free recipes and see what happens. It won't harm him and may be easy on his tummy.
Oct 19, 2007
Nika 4 years - healthy and happy. Skyler 3 years - food allergies and intolerances, GER at 2 weeks, GERD at 1 year. Currently on 45mg Prevacid split dose, Reglan, Maalox X strength, and multiple respiratory meds for GERD related RAD (reactive airway disease).
My son is also 3 (or will be in December) and I agree with trying the elimination diet and introducing foods one at a time to see which ones dont upset him. Also, I too have heard that lamb is the easiest meat for GI issues. My son can eat very few foods without serious reflux repercussions. Potato and corn are the only 2 that have always been completely symptom free for him. I have a few tips for foods and I just started a new thread in the beginner and infant forum on foods if you want to jump in there. I would love to trade ideas with you ~ I hate the days he wont eat anything. right now he's going through a bad period of reflux symptoms (very severe and uncomfortable for weeks now). I hope you find some new food tips that work!
Apr 06, 2008
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Not sure what your lo tolerates so far. I have made meatloaf with ground turkey. But instead of tomato products, I put in baby food veggies. I just mix in enough oatmeal to get the right texture. If you can do eggs, that also helps with the consistency. It comes out pretty soft and easy to swallow. Also, my Ian loves cheese. String cheese, quesadillas, homemade mac and cheese. HTH
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