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Aug 09, 2007
Can't get a 10 month old to sleep - please help!
Hi - I'm so glad I found this website... I'm writing for my sister (who doesn't have the energy or the brain power to even think b/c she doesn't get to sleep). She has two girls: one that is now 4 and suffered with acid reflux til well past 2 years old. Now she's finally sleeping through the night. But my sister now has a 10month old (Amanda) with the same acid problem.... and it's a good night if my sister gets 4 hours of sleep total. Trying to get the baby down can be a 2-hour process... she is used to being held when putting her down and giving her a bottle (b/c that was the only way she could keep her bottle from coming back up up b/c of the acid reflux as a little baby. I wish I had found this site sooner - I could have suggested some of the baby wedge inventions to my sister.) So - she gives the bottle, keeps her upright for 10-15 minutes and puts her down. if she's asleep, there's no problem (until she wakes up 2 hours later that is and then 9 times out 10 she ends up in the car seat with a bottle propped in her mouth in a desparate attempt to get her go back to sleep). If Amanda is still awake when put in the crib, she screams to be picked up. My sister can't do the "let them cry it out" that the doctor continues to tell her to do, b/c within 10 minutes of crying, Amanda has projectile vomited all over the crib, and herself. And my sister just can't let her lay in that all now the baby is hungry again. So now - on an empty stomach and crying b/c i'm guessing it's burning her little throat, my sister is back to square one. Please - I don't have any kids, and I'd love to find a way to help my sister. Any suggestions on putting a 10 month to sleep without the screaming, acid, vomiting? I'm not sure the wedge with the sling will work at this point b/c the baby is very active and not used to being constricted.... and let's face it... whether she's crying laying down or on the wedge, she's still going to have the same result, right? But - I could be wrong.... Thanks so much! Cindy
Aug 09, 2007
forgot to add one thing...
The baby is on 1.5 ml of prevacid twice a day which helps, and is also teething, so she's given the infant tylenol when needed as well.... thanks!
Aug 14, 2007
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Cindy- I would still try the wedge for the crib, It really worked wonders for our girls. It doesn't constrict like some of the other products... You can even elevate the head of the bed by placing a towel under the matress. Does the baby have a well-established bed time routine and schedule? Sometimes that can help too. There is also a book called The Baby Whisperer that a lot of moms have used to "teach" their little ones to fall asleep on their own. I mailed my copy to someone else on this forum or I'd send it to you but it should be pretty easy to find. They basically suggest laying the baby down awake but sleepy. If the baby fusses for more than 10 minutes you are supposed to go in and sooth them without picking them up and without talking to them and repeat the process until they are asleep. The first three nights were hard for us but after the girls "learned" they would have to stay in their beds they just started laying down and going to sleep as soon as we put them down. I don't think letting a kid scream until they pass out will work well when they have reflux (sorry to your sisters pedi but I am with your sister... cleaning puke all night won't be restful for anyone). The other issue is that if the reflux is not under control I doubt that the Baby Whisperer will work either. if the baby is still in pain you may want to talk to the pedi and see if the medicine dose needs to be adjusted. If the baby has recently had a growth spurt then that might be the probelm. A lot of med dosages are weight dependant. If you want to e-mail me feel free! You can also post in the infant forum on this site b/c it tends to get more traffic. Those moms might have some more ideas for you as well! Good luck to you and your sister. She is lucky to have you looking out for her! -Jen
Aug 14, 2007
thank you!
Thanks Jen for the great advice.. I've been printing out the responses from this forum and the other one and giving them to my sister.... she's so excited. And wishes I would have found this site and the tucker sling ideas earlier. haha. hopefully she'll try some of the suggestions and find a solution! God Bless! Cindy
Aug 16, 2007
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MY two cents...
Dear Cindy, I just wanted to add to the wonderful comments from the other members... First: Make sure your sister is giving the doctor plenty of "data". I know this is hard to do when you are trying to function while dangerously sleep deprived. She needs to record a typical 24 hour sleep schedule for a few days so the doctor has a clear picture of her sleep pattern. She also needs to record all vomiting episodes and other reflux symtpoms for a few days to a week. The Reading Room section has a symptoms list that may be printed and your sister can circle or check the symptoms. After 4-6 months, the vomiting often subsides or goes away. I am concerned (as Jen mentioned) about medical management of the reflux. So the question to the doctor is, Why is she still vomiting at 10 months when she is already being held upright and medicated? Also, I have found that most infants and toddlers WANT to sleep at night. Often, pain from reflux is the root cause of night waking, not behavior. My daughter was a very poor sleeper and a high dose of medication by her new GI doctor helped her to sleep thru the night. I also wonder about food allergies and intolerances. I hear from plenty of parents who tell me the reflux seemed to be getting better at 6 months and then once baby food was introduced the real agony started. Some babies need a special formula such as a hypoallergenic formula. You are such a good sister to help out! Tell your sister that she will survive this somehow and things will get better. I know many other reflux moms on this site can relate to the frustrations of not getting sleep and trying to take care of two small children all day.
Mar 28, 2008
Maia slept 10-15 minutes at a time until her reflux was rediagnosed at 21 months-old. I was so sleep deprived that I don't remember most of her first 2 years. She also blew up to 32 pounds at a year because she just nursed and nursed all night long to control the reflux pain. I live in fear of dealing with baby #2 (I am due in early Sept.). I can't fathom going through all of that again and having 2 kids to take care of. As soon as her reflux was under control, we were able to do Cry It Out, and she was sleeping through the night in around a month's time from starting CIO. We never had any success until her reflux was completely under control, though.
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