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Aug 01, 2007
Sour cream and GERD
My 3 1/2 year old son has GERD. He does not have a fundo or G tube. We feed him a bottle of Nutren Jr. and stage 2 baby food mixed with 1/2 tbls of sour cream every 2.5 hours. He is fed 2 hours before bed and gets a bottle of pedialyte before bed-nothing during the night. He's been having a terrible time at night-coughing and gagging and retching every 40 minutes to 1 hour for the past month all during the night. We do have his bed elevated and he's on Zantac twice a day. We've added the sour cream to the stage 2 food per the doc as he needs to gain weight...could this be is the issue with the tummy upset during the night? If so, what else can we add to stage 2 baby food or bottle to add calories, not volume? Thanks!
Aug 08, 2007
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Sour Cream?
Hello! I have not heard of sour cream for increasing calories. You might want to call the doctor and ask if there is something to subsitute for the sour cream to increase calories. Sometimes a nutritionist can help with diet and nutrition. If your son is lactose intolerant, he might have trouble with the sour cream too. it has a high fat content so this could also lead to digestive issues. Does he have feeding delays? I am wondering why he is still on stage 2 foods. ARe you working with a speech therapist or feeding team? Jan
Aug 08, 2007
Thank you for the reply! It's our doctor and nutritionist that recommended the sour cream for the added calories, however I've since stopped adding it since I learned from your website that GERD children should not have it. I am now meeting with another nutritionist this week to see if we can add more Herbalife Kids or Duocal or both to increase calories. Yes, he has feeding delays and is finally being evaluated for therapy next week. Feeding therapists are very hard to come by here and we have finally found a doctor who is helping us get him into a clinic. Thanks for your help! Lisa
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