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Jul 19, 2007
URGENT: Neocate tin needed to buy in Melbourne please....
Hi, I'm writing on the off chance there is someone in Melbourne online that I could buy one tin of neocate (not the advanced version) from? My daughter has had gastro for 6 days and is not tolerating her neocate advanced. I recall as a baby that she tolerated the baby neocate well after gastro so was hoping to get a tin to try tomorrow. She's hardly eaten or drunk in 6 days and has already been on a drip in hospital for dehydration. She's 20 months now and has lost 2kg in the last week from vomiting, and now weighs 8kg. She's had silent reflux from birth, still on 10mg per day of losec and neocate, so has always had weight issues and this is the last thing she needs. I really want to start getting something nutritious into her asap. I would be so greatful if anyone can assist and will come and pick it up from whatever suburb in Melbourne you are in. Thanks, Lisa
Jul 19, 2007
Just realised this is a US site, please ignore
Just realised this is a US site, not in Australia so please ignore my post. Thanks
Jul 20, 2007
jan gambino burns
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We serve Australia too!
Dear Lisa, I have spoken to parents in Spain, Mexico, Germany and Scotland...all in the last week or so. You never know who is lurking on this parent forum...Good luck finding the Neocate. Jan
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