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Jun 04, 2007
Kate in the UK
Is this caused by reflux?
Hello everyone, My daughter Laura has quite complex medical/developmental problems as a result of an epilepsy syndrome: Dravet syndrome. She has autism, ADHD, severe learning problems, mild hypotonia and is non verbal. Now we have a new "problem" and I am trying to figure out what is causing it. She has started to get mouthfuls of mostly phlegm (not sure if you call it this in the US, but it's like secretions from your nose/throat/chest). These appear more when she is lying down, pretty much every time she lies down, but also she has them appear when she is upright. Sometimes there is bits (food?) amongst it but mostly it is just yellowy phlegm. It isn't coughed up but just appears. I know this sounds impossible but it definitely is not coughed. I have weatched it happen many times and she does not cough it up. The only mechanism I can think is reflux causing this to happen. She had a bronchoscopy last November to investigate a persistent stridor that she had post-ventilation (after a massive seizure in Oct) and no abnormalities were detected. No follow up appt was made with ENT. The current problem has occured since the bronchoscopy but I cannot say if there is a link at all. Any thoughts? Thanks, Kate.
Jun 16, 2007
jan gambino burns
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To Laura's Mom
Dear Kate in the UK, I know it can be difficult to sort through all of the symptoms when you are dealing with more than one medical or developmental problem. I would encourage you to download a symptoms list from the Reading Room section of this website and see if there are any other clues that she might have reflux. Some children have silent reflux. The stomach secretions backwash up the esophagus and into the mouth. Sometimes it is not forceful and it may come out or pool in the mouth. It may be re swallowed. A few children have a more forceful backwash and this would be characterized by vomiting. Some children do have respiratory issues such as coughing, wheezing, aspiration and frequent respiratory illnesses from reflux. Be sure to alert the doctor to your concerns and develop a plan of action. I would be happy to connect you with other parents with similar conerns. I know the Older Kids section of the discussion board is not too busy. I hope you will check back and see this message. Best wishes, jan
Jul 17, 2007
Phlegm coming up
That sounds like what happens to my 4yr old. He will now tell me stuff comes up his throat when refluxing. He also will get congested, cough, and heavier breathing when worse. Debbie in USA
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