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May 25, 2007
dau Kristina dob Jan '07 4lbs 13 oz severe reflux on zantac, reglan, At 18 wks she is 9 lbs 14.7 oz - Little but a very happy baby!
My daughter (18 weeks) does this arching of her back everyday but not necessarily around feedings. Is this b/c of her reflux? her Reglan medication? or do babies just do this? I ask ped but she blew it off as no big deal. she twists to one side and then she arches her back and neck so that while sitting, she is looking at the ceiling. she will do it over and over unless I distract her or pick her up. she doesnt seem upset when she does it. thanks for your thoughts.
May 31, 2007
Dd (7) w/ SPD (sensory processing disorder), hypotonia, GERD, since birth. Previous PT, OT, Early Intervention, special ed, feeding clinic, feeding therapy from 2-3. Reflux meds since 2. Overcame severe feeding challenges, dysphagia, oral aversions, anxiety disorder. Weaned from reflux meds @ 6 1/2 yrs. A true miracle!! Ds (4) Prevacid 30mg, split am/pm; upcoming endoscopy. Ds (9 mos.), nursing, pureed foods, Zantac 1.2 mL 2x/day.
Sometimes babies will arch their backs in response to pain, but it would typically be accompanied by screaming, crying, fussing, etc. The fact that yours is not upset when arching her back strikes me as being different. I've read Reglan can have neurological side effects. Are you seeing a specialist? If I were using Reglan I would insist on a specialist because of its potential side effects. As far as your particular situation, I don't have any experience with it, except to say that her behavior does not sound typical for a reflux baby. See if you can find a doctor who listens to you and takes you seriously. If it were my child, I sure would want my concern to be taken seriously. Also, you might check with your doctor about doing a trial to see if the behavior goes away when you stop giving Reglan. But don't try anything without consulting a doctor first.
Jul 28, 2007
Lorenzo 4/07, currently on Zantac 3x/day, still having some vomitting/explosive spit-ups but gaining weight well and no longer in pain.
My 13 week old does that too -- also not nec. around feedings. He has not been on any meds, so I know that in his case that's not it. I associate it with discomfort, even though he doesn't cry when he does it -- he has a really high pain tolerance so I guess I figured he was just trying to deal with his discomfort. It looks a bit like what they call Sandifer's syndrome to me, though I'm still unclear as to what the significance of that particular label is....
Jan 13, 2008
Macy, mama to Alexia, 2nd child with reflux. Born 4.5 weeks early on Oct. 20th. Showing signs of reflux very first week. Exclusively breastfed, starting elimination diet 11/1.
I was told by our GI Specialist that that is a primary sign for reflux. Tia does it constantly and shows no signs of pain.
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